Commercial supports Bush's Gulf policy


WASHINGTON -- The television commercial shows an American soldier in the Saudi desert, writing a letter to his folks back home.

"All of the people here are behind us, and I hope the folks back home are, because we sure need their support," the soldier writes. "What the president is doing is right, and the cause is freedom."

The commercial, shown on 17 stations from New York to Los Angeles, is the work of the Coalition for America at Risk, an ad hoc group of conservatives who say they are responding to Patrick Buchanan and other conservatives who oppose the president's policy in the Persian Gulf.

RTC Buchanan, who wrote that the president's policy "has quagmire written all over it," is one of a number of conservatives who have warned against America's role as a sort of international policeman.

William R. Kennedy Jr., a co-chairman of the coalition until he resigned two weeks ago, said, "I got it going," because "if we allow the Congress and the press to drag the president down, that will defeat America's role in the post-Cold War period."

The coalition's leaders said the group had raised nearly $1 million and spent $800,000 on its advertising campaign, which ,, has included commercials on CNN and on local stations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington.

Kennedy is registered with the Justice Department as an agent for the Kuwaiti Emergency Relief Fund.

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