Ghosts of Christmases past


Christmas Day is coming and you're going to be alone. Christmas has always had great meaning for you. But no one's around to share with now, and you dread this lonely day. Memories of joyous past Christmases flood your mind, making you feel all the more alone. If only the day could be as it used to be . . .

Of course you wish for that. Being alone with only memories, while others have family and friends to share with, is painful. To make your loneliness more tolerable, think about this:

*There are many other people who will be alone. In that sense you have company.

*There will be other Christmases. And while you may not be able to recapture what used to be, you can still make joyful new plans.

And remember, you have always found meaning in Christmas. The essence of that meaning is the gift of love, and with the bounty of that gift to surround you, you are never really alone.

Barbara Turk is a psychotherapist in private practice. She appears regularly on Maryland Public Television.

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