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From: Charles W. Kolodziejski Delegate, District 31 Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have had to change my phone number from 255-5118 to 255-2043. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause my constituents. If anyone wants to reach me, please call my new number or contact me in my Annapolis office at 841-3217. Thank you.


National commander, Amvets Lanham I wanted to take this opportunity to express my admiration for the work of three Arundel High School students -- Amy Sadler, Renia Boring and Tracy Murphy -- for their energies in opening a day care center for military families separated by Operation Desert Shield. With their help, Christmas has come just a bit early for these families.

I also wanted to salute the businesses that have contributed to their cause, including Giant Foods, McDonald's, K mart and TCBY. Their interest and appreciation for our troops is equally inspiring. My hope is that more of our citizens learn from the leadership of these three students and community businesses.

SPALDING OWED A WRITTEN APOLOGY From: Domenic N. Pachence Athletic director Archbishop Spalding High As the athletic director, former varsity baseball coach and teacher at Archbishop Spalding High School, I feel compelled to respond to an article which appeared in the December 11 edition of the (Anne Arundel County Sun).

The article included a list of "Spalding Football Team's Top 10 Excuses for Not Winning a Game this Year" (written by Roch Eric Kubatko). As the writer said in his preface, "Remember, folks, it's all in fun. Honest." Each of the ten items was, to say the least, an insult to every member of our football team.

These students spent over 250 hours this fall as members of their football team. If these comments had been directed at the adults involved in the program, perhaps they would be more palatable. The fact that each comment refers only to the students magnifies the insensitivity to our football team.

Interscholastic athletics is an integral component in any high school curriculum. Athletes learn dedication, sportsmanship, discipline and many other valuable lessons that can be used for a lifetime. Great demands are placed on their time and energy. Our football players never gave up this year. They suffered through another winless season with the knowledge that their efforts and hard work would be rewarded in the coming years. Most responsible adults would applaud their efforts rather than degrade them.

I've always respected the three local newspapers for the way in which they have covered high school sports. Usually the writers are fair and competent. Mr. Kubatko, however, has done something that I've never seen a prep sports reporter do -- he has publicly humiliated an entire group of high school athletes. His remarks are tasteless, offensive and totally inappropriate. Why does a writer whose job is to promote high school athletics spend his valuable time destroying the image of a program and its athletes?

I question Mr. Kubatko's motive for writing such a piece. He told me in a phone conversation that it was done in jest but I cannot accept that explanation. I would challenge Mr. Kubatko to do the correct thing: publicly, and in writing, apologize to our football players.

SPALDING ARTICLE WAS INEXCUSABLY OFFENSIVE From: Maureen A. Endler Linthicum I was angered when I read Roch Eric Kubatko's (Anne Arundel County Sun) "Dialogue" article on December 11. I find it offensive that someone who is responsible for reporting county sports news would stoop to "knock" a group of kids. The Spalding football team and Spalding community are well aware of the team's record.

For someone such as Mr. Kubatko to "poke fun" at any team in our area is inexcusable. This is not the first time I have been annoyed by a Kubatko article. Mr. Kubatko seems to prefer to find negative things to write about the various high school teams and coaches. Perhaps the reason Mr. Kubatko has difficulty getting responses from coaches is because they don't like his style of reporting. I know I certainly don't!

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