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Ready for the bellCoach Jerry Glanville of...


Ready for the bell

Coach Jerry Glanville of the Atlanta Falcons, noting his teahas outscored its foes, 84-28 in the first period, said: "We answer the bell. We come out like Mike Tyson."

The problem is they get knocked out later on. They've been outscored by 54-130, 59-66 and 95-108 in the last three quarters and are 3-10.

Freedom of speech

William Clay Ford, owner of the Detroit Lions, enraged at thcontroversial officiating in his team's loss to the Los Angeles Raiders Monday night, said: "It's a shame I'm prohibited from saying how awful the officials were. That'll get me a fine. It's worth it."

Talking it out

When John Robinson, coach of the Los Angeles Rams, announced he was benching running back Cleveland Gary for fumbling, he was asked if he's talked about the fumbling with Gary.

4 "We talked about that -- and suicide," he said.

The turkey was for real

Since teams often pull a hoax on players by telling them to go to a store for a free turkey for Thanksgiving, Max Montoya of the Los Angeles Raiders, who left the Cincinnati Bengals last year, was suspicious when he found a certificate at his locker for a free turkey last month.

"Even when I picked it up, I was waiting for someone to grab it and say, 'Naw, we're just fooling you.' "

Discovering the run

After the San Francisco 49ers finally got their running gamrolling by rushing for 202 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals, coach George Seifert said, "I can't say all of a sudden we're a 'three-yards-and-a-cloud of dust' team, but at the same time, it was important to establish that part of our game."

Does Joe know drug abuse?

After Joe Theismann said he was "scared" for his former teammate Dexter Manley, Manley said, "See, Joe Theismann is a layman. He knows nothing about drug abuse. How can Joe be scared for me? If he was someone who was in the recovery business, if Thomas Henderson said it, I'd be scared. For a guy like Joe Theismann to say it, it just rolls water off my back. It doesn't stick to me because he doesn't know anything about recovery."

Bo knows Barry

After watching Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions run against the Los Angeles Raiders on Monday night, Bo Jackson said, "When I grow up, I want to be just like him. Barry's my new idol."

Not running to daylight

After the Green Bay Packers ran for just 13 yards against thSeattle Seahawks last Sunday, coach Lindy Infante said, "I know everybody wants to write about it because the yards aren't there and everybody wants to beat this thing like a dead horse, but to make a statement that we can't run the football is grossly exaggerating the situation."

It is?

Getting better?

Tony Mandarich of the Green Bay Packers, who was the second player drafted a a year ago and is averaging more than $1 million a year in salary, has given up nine sacks this year.

"I wouldn't say I'm better than an average tackle, but I wouldn't say I'm worse than an average tackle. I'm getting better," he said.

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