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Tim Burton, the man who directed "Batman," also directed "Edward Scissorhands," a largely gentle fairy tale about a young man whose creator, a mad scientist, didn't get around to giving him human hands. Diane Wiest, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, right, star. The film's ending is a little darker than it needs to be, but the rest is a constant delight. Look for Depp and Wiest to win Oscar nominations. Rating: PG-13. ***

Charles Dickens' famous fable "A Christmas Carol" is a pretty black and white sort of morality tale. But what is often called the best film to capture the hard-hearted Ebeneezer, the 1951 British "Scrooge" with Alastair Sim, has met the ghost of Christmas present and been colorized. It's airing at 8 tonight on WJZ-Channel 13. And while we're at it, the newest version of the Dickens' tale, Bill Murray's 1988 "Scrooged," gets yet another screening at 6:15 tonight on the HBO cable service.

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A splendid production of "M.Butterfly" by David Henry Hwang on stage at the Mechanic Theatre. Tony-Award-winning actor Philip Anglim, left, and A. Mapa offer superb performances in this strange but fascinating tale of obsessive love and self-delusion. The play, a three-time Tony winner, centers on a scandalous romance between a French diplomat and a Chinese Opera star. A remarkable theater experience. 8 p.m. Hopkins Plaza. Tickets: $37.50, $34.50, $30. 625-1400.

Winnie Walsh The Baltimore Consort Christmas Band, with 12 players and singers, offers "A Renaissance Christmas," a fresh medley of carols, noels and dances at 4 p.m. tomorrow at the Friedberg Concert Hall, Peabody Institute. Tickets are $10, $8 for students and seniors. Call 889-5123 for information and reservations.

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Kenneth Brannagh's "Henry V" was done on a minor budget, but even so, the film looks and sounds very big. Brannagh's performance as the English king won him an Academy Award nomination for best actor of the year. Paul Scofield, Derek Jacobi and Judi Dench give Brannagh solid support in this respectable screen adaptation of the Shakespearean drama. Violence. No rating. ***

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