THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!



We know, we know -- living can be hazardous to your health. But it does seem that this week's news has brought more than its share of dismal reports on the subject. First, there was a major study confirming a dietary link between red meat and colon cancer. Then we spotted an item about new research suggesting that dental fillings produce enough toxic mercury to cause cell damage in laboratory animals. Great. It's not just the hamburger that will do you in, but also the fortified teeth you use to chew it.

But don't let any of this make you mad -- that's dangerous too. The new thinking is that anger can be worse than hamburgers, maybe even as bad as cigarettes. Chronic hostility -- the fits of pique that blossom in traffic jams and long check-out lines -- apparently produce a strain on the body that can shorten lives. And don't assume that holding it in will solve the problem; repressed anger is just as bad.

But cheer up. At least it's Friday.

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