Can you name the locales?


The Senator Theatre obviously isn't the only local locale featured in "Avalon." How many of the actual Baltimore neighborhoods, blocks and buildings that Barry Levinson used for these settings in the film can you identify? The answers will appear in tomorrow's Accent section.

1. The community where the Krichinsky brothers first lived, welcoming Sam to America.

2. The locale of the dance where the Krichinsky brothers are playing their violins when Sam sees his future bride.

3. The downtown neighborhood where the Krichinskys all had houses.

4. The house in the suburbs.

5. The first K&K; discount store that sold televisions.

6. The big, ill-fated, K&K; discount warehouse.

7. The place where people sleep outside on the hot summer night.

8. The country club with the pool.

9. The beach.

10. The nursing home.

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