Gold Glove a shamOrioles fans everywhere should...


Gold Glove a sham

Orioles fans everywhere should not take lightly the snubbing of Cal Ripken Jr. by American League managers and coaches in the Gold Glove balloting. The voting this year was a sham, and from now on it should mean nothing to anyone who takes stock in such things. I find it unbelievable that Cal was passed over in favor of Ozzie Guillen, who made 17 errors at shortstop in 1990, in comparison to Cal's major-league record-breaking three, not to mention that Cal played all 161 games at that position.

We here in Baltimore know that Cal Ripken Jr. is a winner, both on the field and off. I know it won't carry the same prestige, but maybe the Orioles can honor him one night at Memorial Stadium at the start of the '91 season. A Cal Ripken Jr. Appreciation Night would give the fans a chance to show Cal the respect he deserved last year and did not receive, even when he moved into second place on the consecutive games played list. Baltimore has a class act and a future Hall of Famer in Cal Ripken Jr. It is time the fans and the city showed its appreciation.

Hetty Haden


Gold is tarnished

I'd like to express my total disgust in the results of the Gold Glove award for the American League. I guess setting fielding standards for fewest errors and most consecutive errorless games and chances doesn't mean anything. The defensive performance by Cal Ripken this year may never be equaled.

Going back to 1989, Cal has made only one error in more than 200 games. Can anyone fathom this at shortstop? Well, I'll vent some frustration on the media while I'm whining. If the media would have reported the defensive plays on the field and been less critical of Cal's batting slump in May and June, maybe some heads could have been turned.

To all the managers and coaches out there: How about if you had the chance to trade your shortstop straight up for ours? Well, I know that the Baltimore Orioles have the best in the business.

Joe Delgiudice


Volleyball slighted

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in your prep page, specifically the lack of volleyball coverage and the disappearance of the All-Metro Volleyball team. After conveying my concerns to Mike Farabaugh, the prep sports editor, he explained that due to budget cuts that reduced his prep department to one, he was not able to view many/any volleyball matches which would allow him to fairly select an All-Metro team.

Volleyball players work just as hard in practice as athletes who compete in soccer, cross country and football. To exclude them from individual honors is unfair and disappointing. As a two-time recipient of All-Metro first-team honors as well as having a sister who was named to the first team twice, I know what a thrill it is to be awarded with this honor.

Why not select honorees as in the past -- by soliciting help from area coaches through a nomination process, then pooling information to form first, second, and honorable mention teams? All other All-Metro teams are selected in this manner, why not volleyball? I'm quite sure there are several coaches in the metro area willing to help with the nomination/selection process. I hereby offer my services.

It's unfortunate that you chose to omit volleyball players for recognition. I sincerely hope The Evening Sun will realize this injustice and make changes in the future.

Lisa Meyer

Head Volleyball Coach

Owings Mills High School

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