Lohmiller not discouraged by close miss on 54-yarder


WASHINGTON -- Chip Lohmiller wasn't discouraged when he missed a 54-yard field-goal attempt with 4 minutes, 16 seconds left in the game yesterday.

"I had a lot of confidence in our defense, and thought I would get another chance," Lohmiller said.

On the first play after his miss, Brad Muster fumbled and Todd Bowles recovered for Washington to set the stage for Lohmiller's 35-yarder that gave the Redskins a 10-9 victory over the Chicago Bears yesterday.

Lohmiller talked coach Joe Gibbs into giving him a shot at the 54-yarder because he thought it was within his range.

Gibbs said an official told him Lohmiller was only 18 inches short. Lohmiller said the ball doesn't carry as far in the cold weather.

Lohmiller didn't have an opinion on Gibbs' decision to take the 35-yarder and turn down an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

"That's a coach's decision," he said.

* The Redskins suffered a blow on that field-goal play when right tackle Ed Simmons tore ligaments in his knee. He'll undergo surgery this week and will likely to miss the rest of the season.

That means Joe Jacoby will move into Simmons' position and the Redskins will have to add a lineman to their roster. Ray Brown, who's on the injured-reserve list, is a likely candidate.

* Nobody savored the victory more than linebacker Wilber Marshall, who was a member of the Bears' 1985 Super Bowl team before signing a $6 million deal with the Redskins.

Marshall got into a couple of scuffles early with his former teammates and said he was too excited at the start of the game.

"They knew I wanted this and the guys kind of played for it. I really wanted to win this game," Marshall said.

* A.J. Johnson, who intercepted a Jim Harbaugh pass in the final quarter, said: "I saw it coming, but couldn't believe it. I thought, 'There must be someone else out here,' because he threw the ball right to me. I just made the play. There was nothing to it."

* Vice president Dan Quayle and his wife attended the game in the private box of owner Jack Kent Cooke. Quayle was scheduled to leave the game with five minutes left, but decided to stay until the game ended when it was a close finish.

* Chicago center Jay Hilgenberg was called for ineligible receiver downfield on a third-and-13 play from the Bears 27-yard line with 6:32 left in the game. The call turned out to be one of the most critical of the game. On the same play, Washington cornerback Sidney Johnson was called for pass interference on wide receiver Glen Kozlowski taking Kozlowski down at the Redskins 35-yard line.

Instead of a first down, great field position and at least a possible opportunity at a field goal, Chicago had to punt a play later, leading only 9-7.

"I have to question that call," said Harbaugh. "Once the official saw it was a 50-yard gain, that's when he took the flag out of his pocket."

Hilgenberg also said it was a late call, and one that should not have been called in the first place.

"If you're engaged [blocking] with a defensive lineman, and it carries over down the field, then there is no call," said Hilgenberg. "I was engaged with him from the snap. The official made the call after I had turned around to see if there were any flags. It was ridiculous."

* Chicago running back Neal Anderson entered yesterday's game as the second-leading rusher in the National Football Conference with 853 yards on 216 carries.

But Anderson carried only 11 times for 57 yards. The run-oriented Bears had only 27 rushing plays compared to 33 passing. Before yesterday's game, the Bears had thrown only 308 times compared with 439 running plays.

"We had an idea of what we wanted to do," said Bears coach Mike Ditka. "We get a lot of criticism sometimes when we do things a little bit differently than what we're used to doing them. But we felt with the way they play and their tendencies, that we could throw the ball. And we had a little success doing it, but not as much as we had hoped."

* Harbaugh wouldn't be specific, but he said the Redskins "outguessed" them in the second half when Washington held Chicago to 113 yards of total offense compared with 175 in the first.

Harbaugh said the Redskins had people in the areas for his primary receivers. Washington assistant coach Richie Petitbon, who handles the defense, said he used some old defensive coverages, or packages, as they prefer in new NFL lingo.

"It's like they were a step ahead of us, knew what we were going to do," said Harbaugh. "I'll know more once I see the films."

* The Bears weren't that impressed with the Redskins yesterday, and Harbaugh said if they meet again in the playoffs, the Bears will win.

"I'm not giving them any credit," said Harbaugh. "They just got a few breaks, and we didn't execute on some key plays. If we play them again, we'll handle them the next time."

Hilgenberg said: "We still feel that we are a better football team. There's no way Washington can go away from here saying they are better."

* Three was not enough.

"I think about the interceptions that I didn't make that could have turned the game around," said Chicago defensive back Mark Carrier, who had three interceptions. "I needed one more because three wasn't enough to win the game."

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