NEW WINDSOR - No one raised a stink Thursday night at a public hearing to discuss applications to spread sludge on four Carroll farms.

In fact, no one besides state officials said a word at a hearing at New Windsor Middle School that was called to discuss sludge application on two farms outside Westminster, one near Gamber and a fourth outside New Windsor.

Only the application for the farm near Gamber, owned by J. Howard Slaysman, is new; the others are for permit renewals, said Herbert A.

Streaker Jr. of the Bureau of Environmental Health in the county Health Department.

Streaker, who inspects the farms with a representative from the Maryland Department of the Environment's Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Administration before permits are granted or renewed, said he requested a public hearing to ensure that neighbors were aware sludge would be spread.

No problems at the three farms where sludge has been spread have been reported to the Health Department, Streaker said.

Sludge, the treated waste from municipal sewage-treatment systems, is used as fertilizer on the farms.

About 12 people attended the hearing, including officials from Enviro-Gro Technologies of Baltimore and Maryland Environmental Service in Annapolis, the two companies that want to spread sludge on the farms.

David Duree and Linda Cunfer of the New Windsor Community Action Program attended because they were concerned about the route trucks would take to haul sludge from the Hanover, Pa., treatment plant to the Arthur P.

Duvall farm off Route 407 outside New Windsor.

Enviro-Gro agreed to change the route to avoid Route 31 and a sharp curve near K & B Corner Restaurant on Main Street, Cunfer said.

Trucks will use routes 140 and 27 to get to Route 407 instead of Route 31.

Here are details about the four applications: * Enviro-Gro wants to spread sludge from the Hanover plant and four Washington-area plants at the Slaysman farm at 3262 Nine Road near Gamber.

Trucks could deliver sludge Monday through Saturday, but no night delivery is proposed, the application says.

* Enviro-Gro also wants to continue spreading sludge at the Duvall farm at 2003 Marston Road outside New Windsor. The company has been spreading sludge there for 10 months.

* MES wants to continue spreading sludge from the Freedom District Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sykesville on two adjoining properties outside Westminster -- the Aaron Green farm at 2907 Birdview Road and the Kenneth W. Ford farm at 2867 Birdview Road.

The company has been spreading sludge at the farms since 1987.

Douglas C. Proctor, head of the Sewage Sludge Division in the Maryland Department of the Environment, said the applications could be issued within a week.

Sludge is spread at about 40 sites in Carroll, but isn't stored in the county.

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