Bryan Gordon will direct two relationship comedies


HOLLYWOOD -- Bryan Gordon, who made a splash with his directing debut on "Ray's Heterosexual Dance Hall" -- it won a 1987 Oscar as best live-action short -- finally has his first feature coming out. It's "Career Opportunities," a light comedy for writer-producer John Hughes and Universal that's due next year.

But what has him really jazzed is "Pie in the Sky," the "relationship comedy" that he's written and is now casting at the Samuel Goldwyn Co. (He also wrote "Ray's.") "Pie" examines the developing sexuality of a young man from birth to 23, focusing on "the relationship between his mother and the girlfriends in his life and how the key girlfriend is tied to [all the others]," Gordon says.

After seeing "Ray's," Gordon says, Hughes approached him to direct "Career Opportunities," which stars Frank Whaley as a security guard who encounters a pretty teen-ager (Jennifer Connelly) hiding out from her dad overnight in a Target store.

Los Angeles Times

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