THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!



Top Torywise, Reagan did match 'er,

Then Bush kept on trying to catch 'er;

But the minister's time

& Became no longer prime

And the Party was over for Thatcher.

Remember that president feller

We knew as the great storyteller?

When his own tale was told,

* More than half went unsold

Back to Simon & Schuster's best cellar.

We still snort cocaine by the ton

But for Bennett the drug war is won;

His next career move

! In the GOP groove

Could be an Atwater rerun.

The president, aiming to scare

Saddam from the sand, sea and air,

Worries Congress a lot

+ Lest he fire the first shot

In a war they're not there to declare.

justice could hardly be fairer

To Manny, erstwhile Latin terror;

First his country is zapped,

.' Then his jail phone is tapped,

Now his trial looks more like an error.

One wonders which we should dread more:

Onrushing bankruptcy or war;

Of course, we'd be loath

# To suffer from both

But it's hard to predict either/or.

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