Police beat



Annapolis police spokesman Dermott Hickey said yesterday the department will "thoroughly investigate" a Severna Park man's charge that three officers used excessive force when they stopped him after a Clay Street shooting last week.

David Nealy, 30, of Jennings Road, filed the charge with the department's Internal Affairs Division Monday.

Nealy said he left the area to avoid getting shot after he heard shots in a pool hall. Two men were wounded in the shooting, and no arrests have been made. Police stopped Nealy on West Street, believing he was a suspect in the shooting.

Nealy said officers shoved him to the ground and one officer put his foot on Nealy's throat. He said officers kicked him and punched him when they got to the station. Police charged Nealy with disorderly conduct and assault and battery for kicking an officer and striking him with his shoulder. They said Nealy was combative and uncooperative.

Two of the three officers charged by Nealy each have been named in one other excessive force complaint.

Cpl. Harold Dalton was one of several officers at the scene of a disturbance in the Bywater community in March that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating. Another city resident filed a complaint with the police department's Internal Affairs Division against Officer Stephen Church after a July disturbance at the Cook-Pinkney American Legion Post.

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