Ocean City and the Sea Beyond


The gulls above, the wind upon,

The sand beneath, the sea beyond:

I've come a pilgrim fifty years

to nurse my starving, summoned ears

And vision on this restless scene

And wonder what its wonders mean.

Over and over I seek the sea --

always loved a mystery:

I like the ones within, without,

That patient thought can puzzle out.

But those I worship most of all

Are much too deep, too wide, too tall.

And so the breakers draw me back

To elemental deeps I lack

The depth to comprehend, but still

Can make my dulling spirits thrill

With vast, hypnotic murmurings

Of ageless, awesome, fathomless


On it, in it, over, under,

For me the sea retains its wonder.

This blissful grief I suffer fondly:

The sea will always be beyond me.

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