Tourist rooms in Montreal


As an alternative to a hotel stay in Montreal, visitors may choose from a variety of accommodations in homes throughout the city with the help of A Downtown Bed and Breakfast Network.

The service offers about 80 homes, including an antiques-filled duplex around the corner from the Museum of Fine Arts and an apartment in the Latin Quarter.

Rates for a room with shared bath range from $22-$36 for single occupancy to $31.25-$49 for double occupancy. For a room with a private bath, the single rate is $59-$58 and $58-$67 for double occupancy.

For a copy of the brochure and more information, write A Downtown Bed and Breakfast Network, 3458 Laval Ave., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 3C8; or telephone (514) 289-9749.

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