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The reports at a glance:recommendations for state schools


A number of recent reports have recommended changes in the way Maryland pays for, manages and evaluates school programs. Here is a look those reports:


Who: Panel appointed by Governor Schaefer, chaired by long-time adviser Walter Sondheim.

What: Studied education reform in the state.

When: Reported August, 1989.

Recommendations: Proposed a detailed system of reporting school-by-school performance and a school accreditation process as a way of prodding schools to develop improvement plans.


Who: Panel appointed by Governor Schaefer, chaired by R. Robert Linowes, a Montgomery County attorney.

What: Studied tax structure in the state, which included a look at how local governments are able to afford key services, such as education.

When: Report adopted last week.

Recommendations: Drastically revise the state's system of taxation to shift reliance away from property tax toward more progressive taxes and offer tax-poor subdivisions a larger share of the proceeds.


Who: Group of parents and other education advocates.

What: Studied system of state aid to education.

When: Report adopted last week.

Recommendations: Increase spending by $628 million, with the largest amount of money going to students who need the most help, such as "at-risk" students in urban systems and special education students.


Who: State schools superintendent.

What: In response to Sondheim commission report and calls for education reform by Governor Schaefer, made recommendations of his own.

When: May, 1990

Recommendations: Longer school year, longer school day, expanded computer and pre-school programs, make schools more accountable for performance.


Who: Panel appointed by state superintendent, chaired by state Sen. Clarence W. Blount, D-Baltimore.

What: Studied ways to improve education of disadvantaged youngsters.

When: December, 1989.

Recommendations: Issue challenge grants to schools that come with innovative plans to improve performance of at-risk youngsters.

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