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For at least a month, the only name appearing on county government office stationery will be that of County Executive-elect Charles I. Ecker.

Ecker aide Bevely W. Wilhide said Friday that a month's supply of new stationery was a "very specific internal need" for the new administration.

Since Ecker didn't want to waste paper, the new administration decided to hold off ordering imprinted materials that would soon be useless.

The fact that people's names don't appear on the stationery doesn't mean that anyone's job is threatened, Wilhide said. It is a sign, rather, she said, that Ecker wants to take at least a month to make sure everyone will fit in before reappointing them.

Meanwhile, one holdover who will be retained, at least temporarily and perhaps permanently, Wilhide said, is County Solicitor Barbara Cook. By law, the solicitor's term ends with that of the county executive. The new executive must either reappoint the old solicitor or name a new one.

Attorney Michael W. Davis, a key campaign aide to Ecker who had been rumored as a possible successor to Cook or county administrator Buddy Roogow, said Friday he will not be leaving private practice to join the new administration.

Davis, co-chairman of Ecker's transition team, said he would continue to serve Ecker in a volunteer role.

One of those roles will be as chairman of a committee Ecker formed Friday to prepare legislation "to implement those provisions of the 1990 General Plan that address the need for schools and roads in the county."

The committee is charged with bringing a bill before the County Council in January and is similar to a committee that had been working with the past council to draft changes in a draft adequate facilities bill sought by the previous administration.

Davis will be joined on the committee by County Solicitor Cook, transportation planner Lee Cunningham, Howard County Citizens Association vice president James Eacker, Coalition of Citizen Associations president Scott Hoeksema, public works director James Irvin, assistant school superintendent Maurice Kalin, PTA council president Rosemary Mortimer, deputy planning director Joseph Rutter, Rouse Co. vice president Alton J.

Scavo and Security Development Co. vice president James Schulte.

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