A vote for ArizonaIn his Nov. 14...


A vote for Arizona

In his Nov. 14 column, John Steadman supported the NFL and the University of Virginia for refusing to play in Arizona because the voters of that state had not made Martin Luther King's birthday a legal holiday. But he fancied the situation with nice-sounding words.

The fact is that the football powers, in their typical heavy-handed fashion, tried to dictate to the Arizonans how they should vote, representing a decidedly illegal and immoral action. It reminds me of how Steadman and Schaefer rammed the stadium down the Baltimore voters' throats.

Edgar Altvater


Running argument

It was with great dismay that I read Paul McMullen's article (Nov. 15) in which he chose Fallston's Jenny Howard and Dulaney's Amanda White as co-recipients of female Runner of the Year honors in high school cross country.

McMullen must be a believer in the "what have you done for me lately" myopic school of rationale. He basically admitted that the only reason he had for even considering White was the fact that her time at the state meet was faster than Howard's. The fact that Howard had been setting course records all season long (until the day of the state meet) was ignored. Also discarded was the fact that Howard ran in a driving rainstorm while White ran in drier, less slippery conditions at the state meet.

Yes, White ran the second fastest time at Hereford. It was one second faster than Howard had run over the same course.

Overlooked was the fact that the day Howard ran the third fastest time at Hereford, White's time on the same day in the same conditions was nearly a full minute slower.

Further arguments for Howard's case could be easily cited. As far as claiming that White could have broken 18 minutes at Hereford, and intimating that the debate may be settled soon, I ask McMullen if he thinks it fair to put this kind of intense pressure on two teen-agers. Rather, I'd like to say that both are very, very talented. However, based on this autumn's total achievements, I think that most coaches and people would agree that Jenny Howard earned the right to be by herself, alone on the lead, as Runner of the Year.

Christopher C. Zukowski

Forest Hill

NFL is diluted

I think Bill Tanton's column (Nov. 13) mentioning Joe Montana and Jerry Rice is off base.

Joe Montana, a great quarterback, is so good because he has time to throw, and Rice is so fast. But we must remember that they are playing in a watered-down NFL of 28 teams.

Would they be as good today as 30 years ago if the NFL had two seven-team divisions? I think not.

At any rate, Raymond Berry's record as a slow receiver playing on dirt speaks for itself.

Albert Izner


Ruth merits honor

John Steadman is entirely right in believing that the new baseball park in downtown Baltimore should be named after Babe Ruth. Millions of Americans from the ages of 5 to 95 have heard of Babe Ruth. He is still considered by many to be the greatest sports hero of all time. He was born and educated in Baltimore.

New York may have "The House That Ruth Built," but no other city in America has a ballpark named after the Babe.

In several recent letters to Fans' Forum, it was suggested that the new ballpark retain the name "Memorial." That would be fine. The new park should be "Babe Ruth Memorial Stadium."

Sid H. Roche



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