Make United Way work


Despite the prospect of hard times ahead, this year's United Way drive has thoroughly vindicated its sponsors' belief that Marylanders are ready to pitch in to help those in need. Halfway through the current drive, United Way of Central Maryland officials report that employee contributions are up 12 percent over last year and corporate giving is also up. So far, the campaign has reported total contributions of some $20.5 million.

That figure represents actual money raised rather than projected giving from the nearly 2,300 firms still conducting their employee campaigns. Yet the sluggish economy may cause some people to be apprehensive about making pledges. And the campaign still has a long way to go to meet its 1990 goal of $34.7 million. That is why the organizers are urging companies that have not yet completed their fund-raising drives to continue their efforts through the end of January. The needs are great, but Marylanders have always met the challenge. Please give generously.

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