Why should Arizona have a King holiday?First...


Why should Arizona have a King holiday?

First I want readers to know that I am a black man. Because of what I'm about to write, I wouldn't want anyone to think this letter was written by a white racist.

It is my sincere belief that the concept of true freedom is dead if lawmakers, sports commissioners and team owners want to place economic sanctions on the citizens of Arizona because they have rejected Martin Luther King's birthday ' a national holiday.

If Martin L. King, Frederick Douglass, Jesse Jackson or any of the other so-called black leaders had been half as smart as the media would have all black people believe, they would have followed the example set by Moses. After all, where would the Jews be today if they had integrated with the Egyptians?

I could write a book about the people who deserve this honor more than King ' Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, who saved the union; Benjamin Franklin, who helped found the nation. And if a black man is to be honored, how about Booker T. Washington or Dr. Charles Drew?

When the wisdom of hindsight is a reality and people are no longer controlled by naive, idealistic emotions, Martin Luther King's only claim to fame will be that he led black people into mental and economic slavery.

An early American patriot once said: "I may not agree with all that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

The true meaning of freedom is: "I many not agree with the vote PTC of the citizens of Arizona, but I will defend to the death their right of freedom of choice."

The citizens of Arizona must not be denied the right to decide - unless freedom is dead and oppression reigns!

Charles Walker


A gulf war

It appears that President Bush is determined to make a shooting war out of the gulf situation.

Is it worth thousands of Americans dead and maimed to sustain cheap gas or to preserve Israel or to maintain our image as guardian of the world's morals and the safety of all the lesser nations on Earth or to protect the private domains of the Arab sheiks and their obscene use of wealth? Or even a combination of all these considerations?

Even if Iraq were capable of using a nuclear bomb, its leaders know that their country would be pulverized if they attempted it.

Just as nuclear bombs were a deterrent to the Soviet Union through the years, they will be to Iraq.

So, Mr. Bush, divert attention from our economic woes some other way -not with war.

Back off! Read the situation with some degree of intelligence, wisdom and objectivity - and without consideration of 1992.

August A. Conomos


Bad investments

Three stockholders filed federal lawsuits against USF&G; on the grounds that Jack Mosley and his top executives misled investors by promising the continuation of high dividends. The plaintiffs also claim that the defendants pursued a "scheme and course of conduct to inflate the value of USF&G; stock."

While I feel that this large corporation was mismanaged, the plaintiffs are responsible for their own poor judgment. You don't have to be a CPA to know that you should investigate before you invest. If these shareholders had read reliable stock reports, they would have learned that this corporation was a risky speculation for an investor. No business can operate if its dividends exceed its earnings.

Joseph Lerner


Forgotten marines

I am a 24-year-old U.S. Merchant Mariner. I currently ship out as an able-seaman, and I am very disappointed with the media's lack of coverage of the Merchant Marine. American seaman are playing a very vital role in supporting our forces in the Persian Gulf.

American citizens should be aware that the Merchant Marine is the "fifth arm of defense."

Allen Baker

Fells Point

Insurance revolt

After years of being opposed to "no fault" insurance, the Maryland insurance industry recently announced it is launching a major campaign to push its own version of "no fault" through the state legislature.

We believe that the sole reason for such efforts is as a response to the Community Wide Insurance Coalition's success at organizing a fast-growing, grass-roots effort to have Baltimore city create a publicly owned, nonprofit, community-controlled company that will sell homeowners', apartment renters' and automobile insurance at cost throughout Maryland.

There are four kinds of discrimination we wish to end ' territorial, age, gender and marital status. The insurance industry's outrageously high profits (average 22 percent in Maryland in 1988) and overhead (average 35 percent nationwide) indicate that we should be able to reduce average rates by at least 25 percent the first year, a $100 million savings for city dwellers alone.

A. Robert Kaufman


Gisriel's defeat

As the election returns came in Nov. 6 and it became apparent that I was just over 100 votes shy of re-election to the House of Delegates, I felt a lump in my throat. I was fortunate to be surrounded by my friends, family, volunteers and well-wishers. Their support helped pull me through this difficult moment and filled my heart with love and gratitude.

Having walked just about every day since June through the neighborhoods of the 9th District, I am fortunate to have met thousands of Towson and Parkville residents, and I am pleased to have assisted countless civic leaders and constituents with individual and community concerns. It was my privilege to represent our communities in Annapolis over the last four years, and I am proud of my accomplishments.

will continue to volunteer my time and effort to make Towson and Parkville better places to live. I pledge my support to the fine men and women who won.

ichael Gisriel


State of grace

Should we make it legal for teen-agers to practice "safe" sex? Adults have the power and obligation to guide the younger generation in their moral choices.

Yet it is suggested instead that youth be given the means to do immoral acts in a "safe" way. We teach that it is "safe" as long as the natural consequences don't occur ' that is, as long as conception is avoided.

What needs to be passed on is the beauty of being the best person you can be in the state of life in which God has now placed you and according to his plan.

Also the beauty and necessity of self-control in the use of the gifts and powers we have received (not always easy) according to the will and laws and plan of our creator.

%Sister M. Felicitas Welles


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