Some post-election questions:

* Was Bobby Neall's win over Ted Sophocleus literally a victory for the little guy?

* Will Sheriff William Huggins even know he's out of a job?

* The next time we see John Leopold poised at the edge of the highway, will it be because he's just about to step in front of an 18-wheeler?

* When will tax cap guru Robert Schaeffer realize that he lost because even he didn't know what the damn thing would do to the budget or tax bills?

* Wasn't it too bad that the District 5 County Council race between Diane Evans and Linda Gilligan had to have a loser?

* What did Delegate Michael Busch do to incur the wrath of Sun and Evening Sun editorial writers, who urged his ouster? Start a subscription to the Washington Post?

* Now what will John Leopold run for? Maybe the county line?

* Hey, Erle Schafer, since you don't need them anymore, can I have one of those life-size cutouts of you? Better yet, will you give one to new Circuit Court Clerk Mary Rose? She's gonna need all the help she can get.

* Can someone lend a video of old Perry Mason shows to Mary Rose so that she'll have an idea about what happens in a courtroom?

* What does it say about politics when a candidate (Leopold) who would die for a job, loses, while another candidate (Rose), who ran just to ensure a GOP presence, wins?

* What did Buddy Ahern's horoscope say for Tuesday?

* Is Sheriff-elect Robert Pepersack's role model the late Lee Marvin?

* When are newspapers and TV stations going to stop paying for pre-election polls that prove wrong and go back to the old-fashioned method of sending out reporters to talk to real people?

* And when are these same news organizations going to stop putting their polls on the front page and at the top of the 6 o'clock news as though they were a big story? When did news organizations start making news?

* Why didn't county Democrats arrange to have George Bush campaign for Bobby Neall? Wouldn't that have secured a win for Ted the druggist?

* Will Leopold (R-Pasadena, Hawaii) burn that photo of him with Bush and swear on a stack of Bibles that he's never even met the President (R-Texas, Connecticut, Maine)?

* Might not that Brooklyn Park car-wash owner with the waving mechanical gorillas be able to use someone with Leopold's street smarts?

* Hey, Evening Sun, what's so "impressive" about incumbent Rep. Tom McMillen beating newcomer Bob Duckworth with 59 percent of the vote? Tall Tom had the worst numbers of anyone in the Maryland delegation, with the exception of the ousted Roy Dyson, and barely did better than Dyson's opponent, Wayne Gilchrest. "I'm just pleased to be re-elected," Tom told The Evening Sun. Does Tom have a low threshold of pleasure?

* When will the Republicans realize that Tall Tom is vulnerable to a full-court press?

* And speaking of the GOP, why did the elephants fail to mount an all-out assault in County Council District 7? Incumbent Virginia Clagett's 2-percent margin of victory wasn't much of a cushion. If the Republicans had pushed just a little harder, it could have given Bobby Neall a council with a 4-3 Democratic edge instead of the 5-2 makeup.

* What will Dennis Callahan do now? He campaigned for Ted the druggist and mused about a role in the Sophocleus administration. But Ted is hardly in a position to be offering jobs. There's always that Brooklyn Park car-wash owner. . .

* What job will Willie Don give outgoing County Executive Jim Lighthizer in his next administration?

* Who says State's Attorney Frank Weathersbee is dull? Any lawyer whose supporters campaign in bee suits can't be all that dull. Are you listening, Stephen L. Miles?

* Were new County Councilman George Bachman and Andy Griffith twins separated at birth?

* If he had two more weeks, would Al Hopkins have endorsed everyone running in Anne Arundel County, regardless of political party, and thrown in a couple of Howard County candidates for good measure?

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