Are O's ticket prices collusionary, too?


CONSIDERING the O's share of what baseball owes for its collusionary behavior (about $11 million), think Eli "Cut Rate" Jacobs is having any second thoughts about not jacking up ticket prices?

* "Denny the Detonator," the name given to the Blast's mascot, ranks right up there with the worst in American sports.

* Talk about bad moves, Anatoly Karpov's end moves of Qg2, Rxa1, Nf4 in his latest draw with Garry Kasparov are easily as bad as Joe Tipton for Nellie Fox.

* You have to wonder what kind of computer Jeff Sagarin is using in his college football ratings for USA Today when top-ranked Notre Dame, supposedly playing the toughest schedule in the land, ends up No. 17 this week. Mayhaps a roulette wheel?

* In case on-probation Houston makes it to No. 1 in any of the polls by season's end, be advised Auburn (1957) and Oklahoma (1974) already turned the trick.

* A check of wrassling's sometimes conflicting records reveals that Anne Arundel County's own Bad Boy Barry Hardy has captured four of 59 matches. But he's an even bet when he battles at the Irvington Fire Hall.

* You gotta go some to beat the name of the assistant trainer of the Washington Capitals: Sluggo Shearer. No relation to the guy in the "Nancy" cartoon strip.

* Here's one man's suggestion for the free-agent players the Orioles should go after during the musical chairs season: Rick Dempsey, Dave Schmidt, Tom Niedenfuer, Fred Lynn, Mike Boddicker, Phil Bradley, Larry Sheets, John Shelby and Jamie Quirk.

* It would appear the pros are short-changing the ticket-buying public big time if you use number of plays as a criterion. Hours after Houston and TCU ran 197 plays, including 145 passes, the Dolphins and Cardinals got together and ran 112.

* The Skipjacks are off on a 10-game road trip, which suggests their schedule was made up by the guy who does the men's basketball slate at Morgan State.

* Speaking of the Hillen Road aggregation, it is among just three teams in the NCAA Division I still winless. The others are Austin Peay, which boasts Phil Wood as an alumnus, and New Mexico State, once a power with Charlie Johnson, Preacher Pilot, Po James and Juan Gallegos.

* Does it surprise anyone that after grossing more than $100 million for his fights, Mike Tyson's net worth is down to less than $15 million? Of course, that doesn't include the $2 million Don King still owes him for the Buster Douglas fight in Japan last February.

* Speaking of Douglas, poor Buster can't win for losing. No sooner did the ache in his left jaw go away with his heavyweight title when he was informed his name and mug will not be on a $50 video boxing game being readied for the Christmas rush.

* Josh Hall reports tickets are moving pretty good for his show at Glen Burnie's La Fontaine Bleu next Wednesday featuring Victor Davis and Nick Parker. You can call 760-2699 for tickets and the feed starts at 6:30 p.m.

* OK, we know the importance of athletics is way out of proportion on the collegiate level, but what does it say about high school ball when a football coach in Virginia resigns for safety reasons following much verbal abuse, objects being thrown at him and assorted physical threats?

* Florida State plays Cincinnati (no, not Lou Piniella's boys) Saturday and is favored by 49 1/2 points. Think the half-point will be a factor?

* Good news from Bulletland: The club has its meat and potatoes guy John Williams seeing a nutritionist. Get on those complex carbos, big boy.

* Champions sports bar in Washington will be the place where all the Yukon Jacks (and Jacquelines) will be congregating tomorrow night for the regional finals leading up to the national championships in Tampa. Directing the show is Sue Patton, a 64-year-old great grandmother who weighs 85 pounds and who, at age 56, arm-wrestled for the first time and was national runner-up.

* Monica Seles spanking Martina Navratilova again the other day in Oakland should enliven ticket sales for Pam Shriver's First National Bank Tennis Classic at the Arena at the end of the month. Seles figures to go against some ninth grader from Florida (Jennifer Capriati) in the main go.

* After years of fair to poor publicity, the umpires are reaching for something a little better from the diamond scribes. Jim Evans, director of the Academy of Professional Umpiring, has invited writers to an educational seminar stressing just how tough it is making those bang-bang decisions.

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