Bouquets fade for top colleges, go to NFL loser

Fact: Teams have a 26-15-4 record during the weeks that they have been ranked in the top five of The Associated Press college football poll this season.

Opinion: A team with a losing record will make the NFL playoffs this season for the first time.


Fact: Thirty years ago this month, Wilt Chamberlain grabbed 55 rebounds in one game.

Opinion: The Eagles will be a lot less interesting after Buddy Ryan gets fired.


Fact: The first five opponents on Maryland's 1991 football schedule are (yikes) Virginia, Syracuse, West Virginia, Pitt and Georgia Tech.

Opinion: The Bulls and Blazers will play in the NBA Finals.

Fact: Wes Unseld has coached the Bullets for just 221 games, less than three full seasons, but only three NBA coaches (Chuck Daly, Lenny Wilkens and Del Harris) have coached their current teams longer.

Opinion: The Redskins can beat the Giants.

Fact: Says NBA superscout Marty Blake about Coppin State's two senior stars, Larry Stewart and Reggie Isaac: "We like them. They will get a chance to prove themselves."

Opinion: No big game in the NBA will seem quite as big without Earl Strom blowing his whistle.

Fact: The Bullets were dead last in the NBA in attendance last season.

Opinion: Buster Douglas was fat, but Evander Holyfield's punch was perfect.


Fact: Since beating Notre Dame, Stanford has gone 1-3 and been outscored by 60 points.

Opinion: The 49ers are vulnerable. They're relying too much on the pass, lacking their perfect rush-pass balance of the past few years.

Fact: Baseball's first free-agent draft was held 14 years ago today. The Expos picked Reggie Jackson with the first choice.

Opinion: I still don't buy the Bears as a Super Bowl contender.

Fact: The Rams, Vikings and Eagles -- three top preseason picks -- are a combined 6-15.

Opinion: Better take a photograph of the run-and-shoot offense. It won't last long.


Fact: After Tony's broken leg, we're down to no Zendejases in the NFL.

Opinion: The Los Angeles Clippers are no longer a joke.

Fact: In that all-important turnover ratio category, the Patriots (1-6) are plus-2 and the Dolphins (6-1) are minus-5.

Opinion: The Mister Robinson's neighborhood commercials are a hoot.

Fact: Only nine of the 28 NFL teams have winning records.

Opinion: CBS is getting what it deserves for turning the baseball Game of the Week into an occasional item.


Fact: The Cleveland Cavaliers' John Williams, who will earn twice as much money as Michael Jordan this season, is still coming off the bench.

Opinion: Virginia and Notre Dame's No. 1 and No. 2 rankings argue well against the point that big-time sports and serious classwork are mutually exclusive.

Fact: Among the 193 football teams in Division I, Morgan State is one of three that are winless in 1990. (Austin Peay and New Mexico State are the other two.)

Opinion: As the Vikings crumble, their trade for Herschel Walker more and more resembles one of the worst deals in the history of sports.

Fact: Adrian Dantley agreed to rip up the last year of his contract (worth $1.4 million) to avoid playing for the Dallas Mavericks this season. Now, no one has picked him up.

Opinion: The SEC is the toughest football conference in the country this year.


Fact: Jay Schroeder is the highest-rated quarterback in the AFC.

Opinion: Even though Unbridled won the two biggest races, Criminal Type should win Horse of the Year. Unbridled had some mediocre races. Criminal Type was tough almost every time out.

Fact: Says Caps GM David Poile about Wayne Gretzky: "He will be remembered like Babe Ruth."

Opinion: That picture of the Bullets' John (maybe 280) Williams in Friday's paper was devastating.

Fact: Magic Johnson begins this season needing 956 assists -- slightly more than his recent average -- to break Oscar Robertson's career record of 9,887.

Opinion: Once he assumes tennis' No. 1 ranking, which should be soon, Boris Becker will hold onto it dearly.


Fact: The Bullets have won one game that Ledell Eackles has started.

Opinion: Paul Westhead is going to get fired in a hurry if he doesn't slow it down at least a little.

Fact (From Dept. of Corrections): It was Gerald Riggs, not Earnest Byner, who turned a win into a loss for the Redskins against Philly last year.

Fact: The Orioles haven't had a .300 hitter since 1987.

Opinion: If you have a bad day, you can console yourself with this thought: It could be worse. You could be coaching the New England Patriots.