Bo doesn't want to know bobsledsWith nothing...


Bo doesn't want to know bobsleds

With nothing to occupy his time between the football and baseball seasons, one of Willie Gault's Los Angeles Raiders teammates -- guess which one -- wrote in his recently published autobiography that he intends to try bobsledding.

In "Bo Knows Bo," Bo Jackson wrote: "I can fit it in between the Super Bowl and spring training. I think, with my speed and strength, I could be the best bobsled pusher ever. I think my team could be the first ever to get a speeding ticket. And I love speed."

When asked about bobsledding at a news conference this month, however, Jackson did not seem to be in a big hurry.

"Be serious," he said. "There's something about ice and blades. It's like gasoline and water. It doesn't mix with me."

Perhaps he meant oil and water.

Bo doesn't know cliches.

The quote

Sandro Gamba, coach of the Italian national team, when asked how well former North Carolina State basketball player Vinny Del Negro, who averaged 8.4 points in his two National Basketball Association seasons with the Sacramento Kings, is doing in the Italian pro basketball league: "If I were in the government, I would give him immediate citizenship."

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