The super-short hairdo not as easy as it looks


No question: a woman's hair shorn and shaped is this season's shortcut to chic. It's tailor-made for those with full-bodied hair and for some reason it's particularly good on brunettes.

But get set for the maintenance. Keeping this 1940s swagger coif takes the services of a super haircutter, constant surveillance and a lot of sticky stuff.

Women who have adopted this hair style say it must be trimmed and shaped at least every two weeks. If not, its lines begin to blur. And it needs hands-on treatment. Every day, a glob of styling gel or old-fashioned heavy pomade should be streaked into the hair with the fingers.

This lends body, sets the shape and keeps the hair from flying around. (Mousse won't do, because it puffs the hair up instead of nailing it down.) Lots of women find that the gesture of running their fingers through their hair in a backward, semicircular motion several times a day helps to keep the line as well as to draw attention to their stylish coif.

One good thing about this style: You don't have to subject it to suds in the shower every day.

"Freshly washed hair is the worst," said Donna Karan, who has been wearing her boy-short do for several months. "You need stuff in your hair to make it work."

It's the combination of a day or two's normal hair oil plus the daily doses of gel or pomade that set the look.

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