A wide majority of Evening Sun readers...


A wide majority of Evening Sun readers and other callers t HTC Sundial support a Baltimore City Council measure that would change city law to make it legal to sell condoms to minors.

Yesterday, 341 of 522 callers (65 percent) did not believe that making condoms available to teens promotes sexual activity, while 181 callers (35 percent) believed that it did.

Most callers (407 of 519, 78 percent) thought that condoms should be readily available to teen-agers, while 112 of 519 (22 percent) disagreed. And 68 percent of the callers (351 of 516) agreed that condoms should be made available through school programs, while 32 precent (165 of 516) disagreed.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinion but is not a scientific poll. Its results should not be construed as having scientific accuracy.

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