Berks. Hathaway"Berkshire Hathaway (BRK, NYSE, $5,900) offers...


Berks. Hathaway

"Berkshire Hathaway (BRK, NYSE, $5,900) offers a ownership participation in attractive businesses and a burgeoning investment portfolio run by one of the world's premier investors, says Alston Barrow, Favorably Positioned Stocks, Tampa.

"Berkshire's diverse business activities -- including property and casualty and reinsurance operations, manufacturing, and publishing -- are orchestrated by maestro investor Warren Buffet . . . "Shares of Berkshire are undervalued based on book value . . . We recommend purchase."


"BellSouth (BLS, NYSE, low $50s) has formed an alliance with a subsidiary of Sony to test a wireless telephone system in Georgia," says Dow Theory Forecasts, Hammond, Ind.

"Telecommunications firms, including most of the regional Bell companies, are racing to develop wireless phone technology . . . The wireless phones would be similar to portable cellular phones now in use but would be less costly.

"Meanwhile, BellSouth, currently providing a yield of 5.1 percent, offers good total-return potential."


Bob Nurock, Astute Investor, Paoli, Pa. flags Baroid Corp. (BRC, NYSE, around $7) as a special situation recommendation for 1991.

"Baroid Corp. provides a variety of products and services to the oil/gas drilling and production industry. Also it is a major producer of titanium and titanium products. The company is currently benefiting from aggressive expansion, new technologies, and growth in energy exploration.

"With earnings growth at a 30 percent annual rate, the stock appears undervalued."


Roger Conrad, The Utility Forecasts, Alexandria, Va. likes TECO Energy (TE, NYSE, near $30).

"This Florida utility already draws nearly one-sixth of its income from unregulated ventures including a coal mining and shipping business that provides all of the utility's needs. Since 1982, coal sales have tripled. The company is now entering a joint venture with a consortium of firms to develop and produce clean natural gas from coal beds. Meanwhile, the stock, yielding 5.8 percent, has our highest safety rating."

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