Bomb kills Palestinian 2nd slain after knifing guard


JERUSALEM -- In an upsurge of violence yesterday, a Palestinian blew himself up planting a bomb in a vegetable stand near Tel Aviv, and soldiers shot and killed an Arab who stabbed a security guard in the West Bank, authorities said.

Meanwhile, four senior Moslem leaders said that their inquiry into the Oct. 8 Temple Mount killings indicated that the fatal shootings of more than a dozen Palestinians there were deliberate.

The board, appointed by the Supreme Islamic Council, called the shootings part of "a premeditated, well-planned operation by the command of the border guards and the police." It contended: "These two commands would not have committed this massacre without a green light from the political echelon of the Israeli leadership."

Israeli spokesman Yossi Olmert dismissed the charge. He called the report a "propagandist document designed to further exacerbate tensions" between Arabs and Jews.

Palestinians from the occupied territories were barred from Israel proper much of last week to halt a series of revenge attacks by Arabs and Jews. Many Arabs were allowed to return this week, and Sunday and Monday passed for the most part peacefully.

The violence resumed yesterday morning, however, in B'nai Brak, a largely ultra-Orthodox town northeast of Tel Aviv. Army radio said three Palestinian workers were laying an explosive charge near the vegetable stand where two of the men worked when it suddenly exploded.

One man was killed on the spot. The other two fled, leaving a trail of blood. Police and paramilitary border guards followed the blood and arrested the two. One, the victim's brother, was seriously injured.

In the West Bank, an Arab with a knife stabbed an Israeli security guard who was accompanying a diesel fuel truck to the city of Nablus.

Authorities said the guard shot his attacker, an 18-year-old Nablus man, who continued stabbing him. The truck driver ran for help and brought back several soldiers, who shot and killed the attacker.

The military sealed off Nablus, the West Bank's largest city, declaring it a closed military zone.

Elsewhere, a policeman patrolling outside the walled Old City in East Jerusalem was stabbed in the chest and slightly wounded by a man shouting "Allahu Akbar," the Moslem rallying cry "God is great."

Other police apprehended a fleeing suspect, an Arab man in his 30s.

Officials have noted an increase in Arab attacks on Jews, particularly in Jerusalem, since the police shootings Oct. 8 of rock-throwing Palestinians outside an Islamic shrine in the Old City.

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