WESTMINSTER - November is National Hospice Month.

This year, Nov. 10-11 have been proclaimed "Hospice Sabbath" in Carroll County. During this weekend, Carroll Hospice would like for churches to remember the terminally ill and honor those who provide the support and care to those who are ill and their families.

Carroll Hospice has been providing support and care to the terminally ill and their families for four years. All volunteer services are given free of charge.

The group has helped hundreds of patients and families to reduce stress and fear associated with the terminal illness, provided respite care for families, helped patients remain comfortable and pain-free in their homes, allowed patients to die with dignity and provided bereavement support to the family after the patient's death.

Through a coordinated effort, hospice home health-care services are available with Tri-Home Health or the Carroll County Health Department.

Hospice brochures, booklets and speakers are available to church and Sunday School classes.

Financial assistance also is greatly appreciated during this time.

Hospice relies solely on community donations, fund-raisers and memorials to support its programs.

Information: 857-1838 or 876-8044.

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