When South Carroll residents learned that the State Highway Administration was considering construction of a new road to connect Route 32 and Route 97 some residents became enraged.

Though the plan was canceled last month after a great deal of outcry by residents in both Carroll and Howard counties, much confusion remains over plans for South Carroll roads.

So Carroll planners will conduct a public meeting tomorrow to clarify what the county government has in mind for the road improvements in the southern end of the county.

The meeting is set for 8 p.m. in the auditorium at South Carroll High, 1300 W. Liberty Road in Sykesville.

Foremost among the discussion topics will be the county's plan for the realignment of Route 97 south of Route 26, said Gregg Horner, a Carroll planner.

Unlike the state connector-road study, which surfaced only recently, the idea of realigning a section of winding Route 97 has been around for quite some time, he said.

"It's been in the county's Master Plan for 28 years," Horner said. "I don't know that very many people realize that."

The proposed new alignment would begin near Route 97 and Old Liberty Road and run east of 97 down to Hood's Mill Road, said Horner. The two-lane realignment then would run on the west side of 97 to the county line.

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