A Cape St. Claire man, convicted in Florida on rape charges, has been charged with two sexual assaults in the county, including the rapes of a woman and her daughter in his neighborhood.

Michael Richard Smith, 30, of Riverview Drive, is being held in the County Detention Center without bond. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree rape, said Sgt. Robert Jaschik, head of the county police department's Sex Offense Unit.

Smith is accused of raping the woman Sept. 15 and returning to the same home five days later to rape her 17-year-old daughter.

He also is believed, Jaschik said, to have sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman in Pasadena on Sept. 21. Police believe Smith also raped a motel clerk in Salisbury in July and sexually assaulted another woman Oct. 5.

Charges in those incidents are pending.

Smith served 11 years in a Florida prison after being convicted of several rapes. He was released last April.

In recent months, police say, he has been living with relatives in Cape St. Claire.

Jaschik said Smith was picked up by police Oct. 5 after a 35-year-old woman dialed 911 when a man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her.

During that incident, police said Smith followed the woman home and told her she had sparks flying out from underneath her car. When the woman went back into her house, the man followed her, forced his way in and sexually assaulted her. The woman avoided being raped by fending off her attacker with a pair of scissors.

After that attack, detectives showed Smith's picture to the the Cape St.

Claire mother and daughter who identified him as their attacker, police said.

In each of the rapes, the victims were asleep when Smith broke into their Cape St. Claire home in the pre-dawn hours, police said. Neither the woman nor her daughter was beaten or otherwise injured in the two attacks, the police said.

During the Sept. 15 rape of the mother, the rapist rummaged through the home, taking a purse, investigators said.

Police said Smith confessed to the Cape St. Claire attacks, the sexual assault of the 27-year-old woman Sept. 21, and the attack on the 35-year-old woman on Oct. 5 and the rape of a Salisbury motel clerk, Jaschik said.

Police say the Sept. 21 incident began when the woman was leaving the Wheel Inn in Pasadena and Smith offered her a ride home. The woman shunned Smith's advances and during the ensuing struggle, the woman's jaw was broken and her face beaten, investigators said.

Because Smith carried identification bearing a Salisbury address, detectives called police there and found that Smith was a suspect in the July rape of a motel clerk there.

Charges in that case also are pending.

Jaschik said police have no reason to believe Smith is responsible for any other rapes in the area.

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