Republican John R. Leopold has accused incumbent Democrat Philip C. Jimeno of "dirty politics" in their contest for the District 31 Senate seat.

In an Oct. 25 debate sponsored by the Greater Pasadena Council, Leopold said that Jimeno's campaign is circulating literature without the required authority line explaining who paid for it. Leopold held up a 10-page, photocopied document.

A two-term state delegate, Leopold said a constituent had called him that morning and told him the document had been left with her by a Jimeno campaign worker knocking on front doors.

Jimeno said he was surprised by the accusation. He said the document was an "internal working paper" meant to map out his campaign strategy. Only 12 copies of the document were made and access to the document was limited to campaign workers, the senator said.

"I challenge John to come up with one other constituent who got that," Jimeno said. "I don't know how John got hold of it."

Leopold said the literature, which listed a series of negative issues to be used against the delegate, was only one in a series of "dirty" campaign ploys used by Jimeno's supporters. He said Jimeno has received a large amount of outside help that he does not have to account for on his campaign reports.

Last month, a Pasadena Republican supporting Jimeno mailed over 500 letters to Leopold's campaign contributors encouraging them to ask for the money back. An unidentified source paid for an as-yet-unreleased telephone poll for Jimeno. Several Leopold supporters called by the polling firm have complained of what they call its heavily biased questions.

Leopold also complained that former Republican County Executive Robert Pascal sent letters to 19,000 district voters, endorsing Jimeno. However, Jimeno said his campaign paid that postage.

"I really think Leopold's becoming desperate," Jimeno said. "For the first time, he's got to answer for where he got all of his campaign money."

During the last four years, Leopold has raised $165,024, nearly twice Jimeno's $85,558.


Former state Sen. Aris T. Allen raised $12,966 during the last two months, more than his four opponents in the District 30 House of Delegates race.

Finance reports filed last week show Allen received $1,000 from Robert DeStefano of Crownsville. Nancy DeStefano donated another, $1,000; Michael K. DeStefano, $500; and William DeStefano, $50.

A Realtor with O'Connor, Piper & Flynn, Allen received $1,000 from the Maryland Realtors' PAC. He has raised a total $29,577, and still has $7,476 on hand.

Incumbent Democrat Michael Busch raised $10,988 since Aug. 26, bringing his total to $32,751. He received $3,500 from 15 PACs, including the Realtors, Highway Contractors and Retail Merchants. One of Gov. William Donald Schaefer's campaign committees contributed $500.

Republican Philip Bissett accumulated $6,871, including $3,500 from the Maryland GOP Senate-House Committee, the reports show. He gave $1,500 to Allen's campaign. He has raised a total of $20,370 and has $3,643 remaining.

Edith Segree, a Democrat, raised $2,562, including $1,000 from Maryland Legal PAC, which represents trial lawyers. She has received a total of $13,213 and has spent all but $317.

Incumbent Democrat John Astle garnered $1,825 in the last two months, bringing his total to $41,937, the reports show. A helicopter pilot, he also received $1,000 from the Realtors.


The Anne Arundel County Volunteer Firemen's Association has endorsed Democrat Frank R. Weathersbee in his bid to remain county state's attorney.

In announcing the 1,500-member organization's endorsement last week, VFA secretary Leonard King compared Weathersbee's 20 years as a prosecutor with Republican challenger Timothy D. Murnane's experience as an assistant public defender.

"Could the choice be any clearer? State's attorney is hardly an entry-level position where the non-experienced can be allowed the leisure of on-the-job training," said King, a volunteer at the Deale Volunteer Fire Department.

Judges in the county appointed Weathersbee, 46, state's attorney in 1988 to replace Warren B. Duckett Jr., who had been named to the Circuit Court bench.

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