School funding should be equalMike Klingaman's series,...


School funding should be equal

Mike Klingaman's series, "High Hurdles," a report that addressed the difference between Baltimore City and Baltimore County in the area of girls sports, provided another excellent example of the damage that inadequate funding creates for our city students.

Perhaps this series will help us convince our state politicians that it is time to stop punishing children for where they live. Let's hope that this year the Maryland General Assembly will have the courage to finally create a public school system that is funded equitably and will no longer be "separate and unequal."

Irene B. Dandridge

President, Baltimore Teachers Union

Ruth family remembered fondly

I want to thank John Steadman for his wonderful reporting on the world's most famous baseball player, Babe Ruth. He certainly has the true facts about Babe and his wonderful family, including his sister Mamie and her husband, Mr. William Moberly. We lived next door to them, and they were so good and kind to me.

I am now residing in North Carolina, but I just had to write. If they don't name the new stadium Babe Ruth Stadium, it sure won't be Mr. Steadman's fault.

Marguerite Ewing

Fayetteville, N.C.

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