Condom sales


Baltimore's City Council is considering a measure that would change city law to make it legal to sell condoms to minors. Condoms are already distributed to teen-agers through programs in some city high schools. Condoms are seen as a barrier to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases as well as a contraceptive device.

Some people think providing young people with condoms encourages sexual activity. Others say that young people will engage in sex whether condoms are available or not. What about you? Do you think making condoms available will promote sexual activity or not?

Do you think that condoms should be readily available to teen-agers or not? Should they be made available through school programs?

To register your opinion, call SUNDIAL at 783-1800 until midnight. You must use a touch tone phone. In Anne Arundel County the number is 268-7736. The call is free. Once you are connected with SUNDIAL, enter 4600 from your phone and wait for instructions.

Results will be announced in The Evening Sun tomorrow in thi section.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinion but is not a scientific poll. Its results should not be construed as having scientific accuracy.

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