Redskins, Giants hide tricks up sleeves


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants know each other so well -- Washington has met New York in six of their past 39 games -- that they try to cross each other up.

They were at it again yesterday in the Giants' 21-10 victory.

For the Redskins, the surprise move was quarterback Stan Humphries throwing to tight end Don Warren, who had caught one pass all year, but caught 10 against the Giants.

For the Giants, it was a fake field-goal attempt, with holder Jeff Hostetler throwing to Lawrence Taylor in the end zone from the Washington 27.

But defensive back Alvoid Mays wasn't fooled, covering Taylor all the way and breaking up the play.

"It was pass interference without question," New York coach Bill Parcells said. "It was face-guarding."

Taylor said with a smile, "It was a great throw and a well-run pattern and I think the guy made a good defensive play, but it was probably pass interference."

If the play had worked and the conversion had been made, the Giants would have led, 21-0.

Mays said the Redskins worked all week on defending a fake.

Mays said he wasn't sure whether he got the ball when he and Taylor went up for it. He said the play "makes you feel good," but added, "I'd trade it in for a victory."

* Although Warren caught seven of his 10 passes in the second half, he said it wasn't a second-half adjustment. The Redskins planned to throw to him all along, but didn't get their offense going until late in the second quarter.

"It was a game-plan thing," he said. "It was all possession stuff."

Since the Giants concentrate on covering Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders, the Redskins figured they'd cross the Giants up. The three wide receivers combined for only four catches.

The Redskins also had Humphries looking for their other tight end, Jimmie Johnson, and he caught two passes for 20 yards.

* Humphries suffered a mild concussion when he was hit by linebacker Gary Reasons on the play when Everson Walls intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown. Humphries was replaced by Jeff Rutledge but should have no trouble playing next week.

Humphries was intercepted three times by the Giants for the second time in three weeks, although one of them bounced off the Redskins' Earnest Byner.

"When you throw three interceptions, you feel like you let the NTC team down," Humphries said. "I'm just to come back and try to fight next week."

* Rutledge replaced punter Ralf Mojsiejenko as the holder yesterday after kicker Chip Lohmiller missed four of six field-goal attempts against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Yesterday, Lohmiller made his only kick, from 45 yards, and Rutledge will remain the holder.

Wayne Sevier, the special-teams coach, said: "We just felt like doing something different. It'd be like a fresh approach for Chip. Really, Mojo was doing a fine job holding, but there was one thing to do to give Chip a little shot. I'm not sure I'm explaining this to you guys [right]. It wasn't because Mojo didn't do a good job."

Mojsiejenko said he'll lose out on a bonus clause in his contract for holding.

"It [holding] is something I take pride in," he said. "All of a sudden, you get somebody else who can do it and I get ousted. I'll take it in stride. I can't do anything about it."

* Defensive tackle Tracy Rocker was replaced in the first quarter by Eric Williams after he was called offside. He sat out the rest of the game.

Rocker said he was given no explanation. "I'm not going to worry about it," he said.

* Parcells brought up the possibility that the Giants could play the Redskins for a third time in the NFC title game.

"I think they are a good team. I'm not too sure we're done with them yet," he said.

Parcells wouldn't mind that scenario becoming a reality because "it means we'd have to be there together."

When Parcells coached the Giants to their only Super Bowl trip, in the 1986 season, they beat the Redskins for the third time in the NFC title game.

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