County Council Election '90


Ronald B. Hickernell, a three-term incumbent, has earned re-election in the First District. Berchie Manley, the Republican candidate, expresses valid concerns about overdevelopment but shows a dim understanding of the county's complex problems.

In the Second District, Republican George W. Murphy has launched a strong challenge against Melvin G. Mintz, the incumbent. Mr. Mintz is the better of the two, but he ought to pay attention to concerns of the populous Liberty Road corridor.

Third District Councilman C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger deserves another term. But sadly, three-term Councilwoman Barbara F. Bachur has lost her effectiveness in the Fourth District. We endorse Republican Douglas Riley, a lawyer and former president of the Towson Business Association, despite his ill-founded support of the tax cap.

In the Fifth District, Democrat Vincent Gardina and Republican Patricia Fullagar both ride on the tax revolt sentiment. We favor Mr. Gardina. His law-enforcement background and sensitivity to the environment are qualities the council can use.

In the Sixth District, William R. Evans, the incumbent Democrat, has earned re-election over William A. Howard IV.

Voters in the Seventh District have a distressing choice. Democrat Donald Mason, our reluctant preference, is a tax rebellion demagogue; yet the Republican nominee, Lawrence O. Williams Jr., accuses him of being soft on taxes. We fault the GOP for not having grabbed this opportunity by fielding a credible candidate.

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