GAMES OF THE WEEK: HALLOWEEN for Nintendo and TurboGrafx

Eeeeee-yeeewww! These are some of the grossest, most disgusting games we've ever seen. And I love 'em. Just in time for Halloween, too.

Notice I said I love 'em. Jonathan probably will too -- in a couple of years. These games aren't for little kids. If you can watch the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies without having nightmares of your own, then you're OK. These games are graphic and gory, just like most horror movies. And, just like most horror movies, they're great fun -- for the right people.

LJN's new "Nightmare on Elm Street," for Nintendo, finally gives you a chance to face Freddy. You've seen the movies. There was nothing you could do but scream. Now you can trash him for good. Of course, you'll probably go through a few hundred lives first. Play alone or with a friend. Either way, the trick's the same -- you've got to stay awake . . . and find Freddy. You work your way down Elm Street. Even in broad daylight, there are a lot of things out to get you -- like dogs and thugs. But, gosh, you know, your eyes sure are getting heavy. . . . The screen goes wavy (a neat effect) and all of a sudden you're in the dream world. Those dogs and thugs turn into bats and ghosts and skeletons -- and worse.

At each level, you face Freddy in a different form, like a giant claw on a chain, or a huge head that spits squirming tongues. Don't worry -- you'll get your chance to meet the whole Freddy. Probably sooner than you'd like. RATING: Big Kid, 8; Mid-Kid (7-12), 8 (if you can take it); Little Kid (6 and younger), not recommended.

"Splatterhouse" for TurboGrafx is at the top of the gross graphics heap. You're searching a haunted house for your kidnapped girlfriend. From every corner -- and even from out of the sky -- mutants, ghosts, rotting corpses, ghouls and zombies are coming at you. Worse, somebody strapped a hockey mask to your head, a la Jason, and it won't come off. As you move through the house and into the surrounding forest and beyond, you pick up weapons -- like a board that splats rotten bodies or a shotgun that blasts holes in zombies. It gets worse, or better, depending on how you look at it. Some of this stuff is too disgusting to write about. RATING: Big Kid, 9; Mid-Kid, 9 (if you can take it); Little Kid, not recommended.

INSIDE TIPS: Remember they're only games. But you might want to leave a light on at bedtime. And parents, look at these games just like you'd look at any scary movie your kids want to see.

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