County Council Election '90


In the First District, we endorse Democrat Shane Pendergrass whose years of community service and leadership on the council qualify her for another term. Republican challenger Dennis R. Schrader, a hospital facilities director, has some interesting ideas about growth, though.

Republican Darrel Drown is our choice in the Second District over incumbent Angela Beltram. Ms. Beltram has been a vocal force on the council and among its most strident growth critics. ++ We nonetheless question her effectiveness. She seems easily sidetracked by frivolous initiatives such as the lawn-mowing bill. Mr. Drown, a budget officer for the county schools, would infuse the council with fresh ideas and financial expertise.

In the Fourth District contest, Democrat Paul R. Farragut gets our nod over Republican Michael J. Deets. He has done an admirable job filling the seat vacated by Ruth U. Keeton.

In the western, rural Fifth District, Democrat D. Susan Scheidt is the stronger choice. Charles C. Feaga, the council's lone Republican, has provided a counterpoint to anti-growth voices, but the influence of his personal holdings on his political actions is troubling. We are impressed by Ms. Scheidt's long record of community involvement.

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