50 Years Ago (week of Oct. 20-Oct. 26, 1940):

It was announced this week that the entire mill town of Alberton would be sold at public auction.

Included were all of the mill buildings, 118 dwellings, the dam across the Patapsco River, the general store, the water supply and other miscellaneous rights.

The town was bought by C.R. Daniels Inc., for $65,000. The town's name was changed to Daniels; the mills began turning out Daniels' cotton duck cloth.

The town was destroyed by Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972 and the factory was rebuilt on Ridge Road in Ellicott City, where it still operates today.

* More than 2,000 post cards went into the mail this week to inform potential draftees of their serial numbers for the upcoming draft lottery.

* 25 Years Ago (week of Oct. 17-Oct. 23, 1965):

County citizens rallied to the defense of the new planned city of Columbia this week after hearing about a lawsuit filed in an attempt to block construction of the town.

In an effort to counter the lawsuit's charge that county zoning had been changed to benefit a single property owner, county residents signed affadavits stating their opinion that the entire county would benefit from the proposed New Town District zoning.

A spokesman for Columbia stated that no plans had been delayed as a result of the suit having been filed.

* The Howard County Physical Fitness Commission sponsored a five-mile bicycle ride this week to promote physical fitness in the county.

Participants gathered at the rear of the Main Street Post Office in Ellicott City, and cycled to the Avalon section of Patapsco State Park.

*Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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