From: Edward L. Maddox


Diane R. Evans is an outstanding candidate for County Council. Her warmth and deep concern for the best interests of all those whom she wants to represent is evident after even just a brief meeting with her.

During the campaign she has made herself totally accessible to people on every side of issue after issue and has shown how she carefully considers all input before reaching conclusions.

Diane's knowledge and understanding of state and local government is a tremendous asset. I hope that the citizens in the 5th District will join with me and vote to have her represent us.


From: Ailene Murphy

Severna Park

Because state agencies have been ordered to cut expenditures, it is suggested the budget items below be reviewed.

Administrative Staff 1987: 70 positions (Hughes administration) -- $3,356,307, a 55.8 percent increase.

1991: 109 positions (Schaefer administration) -- $7,138,041, a 112.7 percent increase.

Mansion 1987: (Hughes administration) -- $371,149.

1991: (Schaefer administration) -- $674,644, a 81.8 percent increase.

Transportation In 1987, because the governor said he was afraid to fly, the Board of Public Works approved for his use the lease of a bus for $7,000 per month or $84,000 per year. If this continues four more years, the cost will be $336,000.

Property To guard the governor's house in Anne Arundel County, an estimate of the yearly cost, allowing $30,000 per guard for three shifts and a $15,000 car, is $105,000 or $420,000 for four more years. The state would also share in a similar cost for guarding the governor's property in Baltimore City.

Since the Board of Public Works spends some of this money, as does the legislature, it is suggested that the governor, the Board of Public Works, and a representative from the legislature meet to discuss ways to reduce these expenditures.

Editor's note: This letter was addressed to the Board of Public Works, the governor and the legislature.


From: James J. Riley

Candidate, House of Delegates District 31

The general election is almost here. It is time for you to give serious consideration to the candidates you will support with your vote. The right to vote and participate directly in our representative form of government is a cherished right, one that the citizens of all nations do not have.

There are many issues of importance to the citizens in District 31 -- issues I have highlighted in my campaign effort: rising property taxes, education, drugs, environment, growth and development.

I believe senior citizens on fixed incomes should receive consideration regarding property taxes. Home owners over 70 who have owned their homes more than 20 years should never pay an increase in property taxes as long as they reside in that home.

The option of paying property tax increases, or waiting until their home is sold, should be made available to home owners over 60 as long as they continue to reside in that home until selling date.

We should adopt standards of success for each public school and hold principals and teachers accountable for meeting those standards. I also believe in a more vigorous effort at drug awareness education and mandatory prison sentences for first-time convicted drug distributors.

We must address our environmental concerns by cleaning up our waterways, begin rapid reforestation and recycling programs.

Our adequate facilities ordinance is not being adhered to as growth and development are definitely proceeding faster than the ability of the county to provide roads, sewage, water, schools, recreation etc.

I will not insult your intelligence at the polls with workers handing out literature, for I do believe by the time you reach the polls you have already done your homework on the candidates and the issues and know for whom you are going to vote.

After you have given your earnest consideration to this most important position of responsibility, I hope that you will choose me, James J. Riley, as one of your three choices to represent you in the House of Delegates, District 31.


From: Ronald C. McGuirk

Glen Burnie

Vote "against" Question D, the property tax limitation charter amendment proposal! Why? Because it is excessive in its zeal, tying the hands of our elected officials and reducing the size and flexibility available to them as we enter what may be the most severe recession this region has encountered.

The Anne Arundel County Charter demands fiscal prudence and I think we have had responsible governmental management during the administrations of (the last) three county executives.

Our county is in excellent financial health, our bond ratings are superior, we have a solid fund balance for a rainy day and our property tax rate is lowest of all the metropolitan counties in Maryland.

Since the adoption of charter government, the people of Anne Arundel County, through our local elected officials, have steadily achieved a level of public safety services which enhances the quality of life for all the citizens of the County.

We have superior public safety services, a good education system, excellent parks, an array of elderly, family and youth services, recreation programs for all services, an outstanding library system and an increasing number of cultural opportunities.

If these services are important to you, why risk losing the progress of the past 25 years? The real way to ensure responsive, responsible government, including tax programs, is to elect dedicated qualified individuals to the County Council and County Executive's office.

Let's do that Nov. 6 rather than vote for a proposal that can possibly cause great harm and, certainly to my mind, no good. Vote "against" Question D.


From: Dr. Frank Phelps

Pastor of Grace Assembly Sanctuary

Gerald P. Starr, candidate for County Council, 1st District, supports the 4.5 percent (tax) cap program, or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower.

He feels this will be the taxpayers' check on the county executive and the County Council by limiting the amount of funds they will have to spend.

I believe Mr. Starr has the financial background to get the job done, and because of his ability, will be an asset to Anne Arundel County.


From: W. Ray Huff

Delegate, District 31.

I would like to publicly thank the Anne Arundel County and State Police and the Anne Arundel County Fire departments for their cooperation and efforts on Saturday, Oct. 13 during the "Toy Run" at Fort Smallwood Park.

The organized traffic control and courtesy to area residents and participates was observed by all. Only a couple of "fender benders" were reported, according to (Anne Arundel County Police) Capt. Shanahan.

What I feared would happen during this event happened Tuesday night, October 16. A motorist hit a telephone pole stretching lines across Fort Smallwood Road, closing the road for almost two hours. No one could go either direction. The accident also left the area without electrical power.

If there had been an emergency requiring fire or ambulance equipment, there would have been more serious problems.

During the "Toy Run", everyone felt more comfortable knowing the fire and ambulance equipment were stationed nearby for the day. A special thanks to Mr. Connell, fire administrator, and (Anne Arundel County) Police Chief Wellham.

Fort Smallwood and Mountain roads have shared this same problem of being "trapped" when an accident occurs on these main corridors to our many communities in the area.

There have been a lot of good suggestions, mine included, to alleviate the problem. We must consider action in the near future.

Thanks again for the cooperation from all who worked or shared in the unique "Toy Run." I am glad it was a relatively safe day.


From: John L. and Carolyn T. Wisthoff


Our most recent property tax bill was $1,570. It includes a one-acre plus lot with our home and a separate half-acre lot in a water-access community.

Our property taxes require $4.30 per day, which includes all county services -- schools, libraries, police, fire, trash, recreation and parks and other governmental functions.

Our question is a simple one. How can we conscientiously expect these services at a lower cost? We cannot operate either of our cars for $4.30 a day when you consider depreciation, operating costs, and insurance. We are not overtaxed by the county property tax!

The arbitrary and artificial control of property tax revenues as proposed in Question D will not significantly lower our tax bill, but it is a cruel hoax on most property owners.

The property tax break will decrease services if the county growth rate continues above the 4 percent level. We will be asked to pay for services through increased nuisance and income taxes. The worst effect will be a county with increasing population and ill-maintained roads, overcrowded schools, deteriorating environment, and an overburdened public safety system.

A vote for Question D is a vote for the return of Anne Arundel County of yesteryear -- a waterman's and truck farmer's home with a nickel and dime mentality.

The reality is that today's county has over 400,000 suburbanites clamoring for services. Some think we can turn back the calendar. We are voting 'no' on Question D for an Anne Arundel County for today and possibly tomorrow.


From: Michael C. McCallister


I am 18 years old, and a recent registered voter.

I was fortunate enough to have Mr. James J. Riley as a teacher in American government. He helped us understand and appreciate just how great our country is.

I am happy that I will have the opportunity to vote for my former teacher. I urge all young people in the 31st District to cast their vote for a good teacher who will make a great delegate.

James J. Riley cares about our future.


From: R. Mcquire

Brooklyn Park

I read with interest Ms. McGuigan's letter of Oct. 16 praising the ethics and moral character of (Sen.) Phil Jimeno and his dedication to his role of Catholic layman.

When pro-choice comes up for a vote, will he vote to please God -- or man? If his past record is any indication, he'll do what he thinks is best for his career as a politician.

During the fight to protect helpless animals who cannot protect themselves from horrendous lab testing, not for medical reasons at all, but simply for the sake of cosmetics and household products, which, incidentally, mostly have seal-safe tops, Sen. Jimeno and his friend, Delegate "Stokes" Kolodziejski, did what was politically expedient for them at the time and left the helpless animals to be tortured some more.

They may be sure this will be remembered on election day.

Also to be remembered will be Congressman McMillen's vote just last week in favor of continuing funds for the National Endowment of the Arts at a time when the nation can least afford it.

I do not believe the First Amendment to the Constitution gives any citizen the right to exhibit what amounts to a mockery of that which is sacred.


From: Robert W. Donaldson

Severna Park

Anne Arundel County needs Diane Evans as the next Fifth District Council member on Nov. 6!

I met Diane over 15 years ago when I served on the Republican Central Committee. A person of integrity, honesty and intelligence, she is concerned with Anne Arundel County's problems of taxation, inefficient government and unbridled growth.

She knows the educational needs, needs of our youth, needs of senior citizens and environmental problems because she has served on boards concerned with these needs.

Anne Arundel County Council needs a responsive person, not tied to the "old guard."

Support Diane Evans with your vote!


From: Skip Kyle


What better has Anne Arundel County than our youth?

The abundance and availability of drugs, however, is a trap that lures and traps terrific kids daily.

County Executive Ted Sophocleus has a drug program that is so positive that the Anne Arundel County Police Fraternity have endorsed him heartily.

Instead of just regulation, new emphasis on education and sports programs would be initiated. Morning and evening supervision at school for "latch key" kids with unused gymnasiums open until 10 p.m.

Use school facilities for teen centers with drug education seminars and peer pressure "inoculation" jam sessions are just two plans.

Kids who are enthusiastic about life simply do not have time for drugs.

With an energetic, loving and outgoing family himself, what better way to lead than by example.


From: George T. Murray


Before the curtain falls on Campaign '90, I would like to appear on the political stage to speak for the candidacy of Ted Sophocleus for county executive, who has been endorsed by all three of the other contenders for this office in the (Democratic) primary contest.

In supporting the county councilman in September, I felt that he had outstanding credentials for the job. Since his victory, there seems to be no question that he possesses the qualities that we want to see in a county executive, as evidenced by his excellent showing in the primary balloting along with the endorsements he has received from various well-known influential groups.

I suggest we are seeking an individual with executive knowledge of our communities and their needs; a person sincerely interested in hearing us express our concerns, and one who will respond to these concerns with sensitivity and sound judgment.

Ted Sophocleus has all of these attributes which were crystallized in his work for eight years in the County Council where he grappled skillfully and knowledgeably with issues that affect all of us.

He is likewise to be commended for his inherent faithfulness to the promotion of family values, especially in these days when the family (which is the backbone of our society) is under heavy assault by unscrupulous adversaries.

I also admire the fact that he has refrained from engaging in dirty politics in both campaigns; preferring rather to focus his attention on issues which followed the course in keeping with the high caliber of his character.

I have been in his company many times and never fail to be impressed with his honesty, sincerity, warmth, forthrightness and dedication.

I have had the opportunity to discuss with constituents residing in other sections of the county, and all have shared my view that Ted is a "people person."

This was especially noticeable when he toured the county fair grounds in September, when visitors all along his route went out of their way to greet him enthusiastically.

As a resident of Odenton, I am genuinely concerned, along with my neighbors, about the volcanic growth development everywhere in our vicinity. Ted has a strong and consistent interest in the problems and needs of the Odenton area, as well as a concern for the quality of life in our community.

I know we can depend on him and hope that as Nov. 5 nears the readers of this letter will seriously consider casting their votes for this outstanding citizen who is so familiar with the job he is seeking.

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