Struggle over shotgun leaves woman, just turned 21, dead


An Edgewood woman who turned 21 years old last Saturday has been shot and killed while two men struggled over a shotgun at her home.

Kimberly Dawn Nichols, of Carroll Avenue, Edgewood, was pronounced dead on arrival at Fallston General Hospital at 9:12 p.m. yesterday, according to State Police.

Police said Stephen Michael Tresnak, 22, the woman's live-in boyfriend, and Jason Maltese, 26, of Baltimore, began arguing at the Carroll Avenue home last night when Tresnak obtained a shotgun. The two men began scuffling over the shotgun and it discharged. A blast struck Nichols in the chest at close range. She had been standing behind Tresnak during the argument.

No charges were placed after police questioned both men, but the investigation is continuing.

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