ELECTION '90 General Assembly


The Sun strongly recommends a vote for Democrat J. Jeffrey Griffith in District 5. The religious fanaticism and inexperience of his opponent, Larry Haines, would harm Carroll's interests. Mr. Griffith, in contrast, has done an outstanding job as a two-term commissioner, advocating planned growth, regional cooperation and responsible tax policies to underwrite new services.

District 5 has two contested delegate seats. We recommend Democratic incumbent Richard Dixon and Ellen Willis. Mr. Dixon is a strong advocate of conservative fiscal policies. He amply deserves another term. Ms. Willis has been active in business and education programs for the county. She promises to be a forceful presence in Annapolis.

Western Carroll shares a legislative district with Frederick County. The two incumbent delegates in Subdistrict 4A, Thomas Hattery and George Littrell, have made positive contributions in Annapolis. Republican Donald B. Elliott, in Subdistrict 4B, also merits a second term.

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