Jews did not rejoice over temple killingsSeeing...


Jews did not rejoice over temple killings

Seeing the headline "Jews dance near site of Arab killings" (The Evening Sun, Oct. 12) made me sick and angry. You are engaging in yellow journalism. Why not just give the facts - all the facts - of this situation, not inflammatory headlines?

Any killing is unfortunate, these included. However, how would we feel if our soldiers were stoned? Would we do nothing? How about if our parents and children were stoned while attending church?

As to the Jews dancing where Arabs were killed, the Jews were once again at the Western Wall to celebrate Simchas Torah ' "The Rejoicing in the Law" ' as they have for thousands of years. This tradition has always involved song, dance and merriment. Your headline shows that you did no research into Jewish customs. You effectively implied that the dancing was in celebration of the killings.

This is both poor journalism and highly irresponsible.

Susan Carrigan


Delightful critic

The departure of music critic Scott Duncan for California is regrettable for all who had the pleasure of working with him.

Scott was, I believe, a great asset to music organizations in and around Baltimore. He wrote in an engaging, informative and unpretentious style on a wide range of topics and he helped enormously to promote performances here. He also seemed to feel a responsibility to help all of us, demonstrated in part by a rare understanding of the place and importance of smaller, quality music series on any community's concert schedule.

There was a bonus in Scott himself, for his pleasant personality, responsiveness and good sense of humor were a delight. If, as he recently wrote, he had fun being The Evening Sun's music critic, he also had the capacity to pass a lot of it along.

Mollie Quinn


Fighting weather

In November, the desert gets cooler. That means the 6 o'clock news soon will be showing footage of returning body bags and quadriplegics. We won't know how to fight in the deserts of the Persian Gulf any more than we knew how to fight in the jungle of Vietnam. Sand will get into the machinery. And what will happen in March when the desert gets hot again?

The world needs to become independent of Middle East oil.

President Bush has made a small start toward independence. He is putting $35 million into solar energy. He should put in $100 million. But Exxon and General Motors are frowning. They want us to stay dependent on foreign oil so we will stay dependent on domestic oil, too, and put both kinds into big cars.

The war will cost a billion dollars a day. Let's make Big Oil pay for it with an obscene profits tax. Let's make Big Auto pay for it with an insufficient mileage tax.

Nothing, however, will pay the human costs. By March, the footage will have soldiers returning with bodies half-burned away by fuel bombs and faces distorted by mustard gas. The rat-infested veterans' hospitals will again fill up, only to suffer another Reagan-style budget cut. The sexism of the Middle East will make women's casualties especially tragic.

James A. Hoage

Severna Park

Animal rights

Eve Deluca's article, "Arrogance of the animal rights movement" (Other Voices, July 18), is typical of the propaganda against a humane and compassionate movement. Special interest groups like the American Medical Association continue to focus on the violence of a few individuals who in no way represent the bulk of the movement.

Because of the animal rights movement, the research community is moving toward preventive medicine and non-animal testing methods. Every year thousands of products, all "safety tested" on animals, are withdrawn when the damage they cause to human health can no longer be ignored.

The United States "sacrifices" more animals every year in the name of science than any other country, yet we are 20th in global infant mortality. We are 16th for female life expectancy and 35th for male life expectancy.

The three leading causes of death in America are heart disease, cancer and strokes. All of these are directly linked to an animal-based diet. Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, salmonellosis, asthma and arthritis are just a few diseases which can be prevented or cured by following a vegetarian diet.

Animal research proponents claim that the animal rightists use emotional arguments to influence public opinion. In the next breath they ask you to decide between your baby and a dog. It is they who use emotion to tap into human fear.

Anthony Promutico


City that reads?

City leaders have adopted the saying, "Baltimore, the City That Reads," but apparently the people of Baltimore can't read with any kind of proficiency or competence. The streets are absolutely filthy with trash, garbage and debris.

A remedial course should be given on how to read basic English signs that say, "Please throw trash in here," and, "Do not litter."

Edmund W. Huppman Sr.


Maestro Lenny

In 1957 I attended a pre-Broadway tryout of "West Side Story" at the National Theater. The critics figured to have a field day trashing the show because it had a "Romeo and Juliet" theme and composer Leonard Bernstein was a classical musician. But public reaction to the show immortalized "West Side Story" and the Bernstein score.

When Bernstein conducted a symphony orchestra, there was total agreement that he was the greatest American-born conductor in the history of classical music.

Joseph Saffron


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