The makeup process


The makeup process for "Tru" was created by Kevin Haney, the Academy Award-winning key character makeup artist for the movie "Dick Tracy." It takes dresser and makeup artist Liz Spetnagel about 1 hour to transform Robert Morse into the likeness of Truman Capote.

"Originally Kevin made a plaster of Paris mold of my head, the result . . . a big head," quips Morse. "He sculpted Truman Capote onto my plaster face."

The facial cast is used to a make latex prothesis of Capote's jowls. A new prosthesis is used for each performance.

A bald cap, Morse affectionately calls a head condom, goes on first with surgical adhesive that sticks to the face. Next the jowls are glued to Morse's face and neck. The chin and upper lip strips are then glued on.

The mike is placed by the right ear underneath the jowls. It is secured around Morse's waist. A backup mike is placed on his chest.

Spetnagel then paints on skin colors, liver spots and all.

"A very expensive wig is taped on my head. A false tooth plugs up the gap in my teeth," Morse says.

Add the glasses, the hat and the cardigan sweater and transformation is complete.

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