'Carnal Knowledge' becomes a play


NEW YORK -- The tiny Kaufman Theater will soon host the play version of a landmark movie about the coming-of-age sex lives of two men two decades ago -- "Carnal Knowledge" by Jules Feiffer (who had originally written it as a play). Its stars, this time around, are Judd Nelson, Jon Cryer, Justine Bateman and Janine Turner (in roles played by Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkel, Candice Bergen and Ann-Margret).

The director is Martin Charnin. "Knowledge" is due to open Nov. 15.)

Charnin, asked why the show was in such a small theater, said, "This is a close-up play; it's an experience that has to be seen as though you were eavesdropping on people's lives. I think it's a perfect showcase for a play of this nature."

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