Report: Clemens taunted Welch on recovery from alcoholism


CINCINNATI -- The Boston Globe reported recently that Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens heckled Oakland Athletics pitcher Bob Welch during Game 2 of the American League playoffs with references to Welch's past problems with alcoholism.

Clemens, whose volatile personality has come under scrutiny the past couple of weeks, apparently chided Welch from the Boston dugout to "have a beer."

Umpires Vic Voltaggio and John Hirschbeck were quoted in the Globe article, confirming that Clemens yelled to Welch: "Be a man. Have a beer. Stop drinking milk."

Welch's triumph over alcoholism was chronicled in his autobiography, "Five O'Clock Comes Early." He has been sober since checking into a drug and alcohol facility in Wickenburg, Ariz., more than 10 years ago.

He said during yesterday's news conference that he was not aware of the comments from the Red Sox dugout, though they were confirmed by several other sources.

Clemens later made headlines by shooting his mouth off at umpire Terry Cooney in the final game of the AL Championship Series.

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