2 city agency appointments OK'd


The City Council has approved the appointments of two top administrators of the Urban Service Agency, but not before Councilman Anthony J. Ambridge, chairman of the Executive Appointments Committee, strongly criticized the agency for curtailing services to the city's poor.

Ambridge, D-2nd, said yesterday he had "reluctantly" submitted the appointments of Lloyd Mitchner as director of the agency and J. Wayman Henry Jr. as associate director.

Mitchner had been acting director since July 1989.

Ambridge, who serves as one of the council's representatives on the Urban Services Commission, said the agency had cut services -- especially in the neighborhood centers it runs -- in the inner city because of budget cuts during the past two years.

"The agency's budget has grown smaller but the number of administrators has grown larger," Ambridge said. "This agency is supposed to deliver service to the poor. It doesn't exist to provide jobs for administrators."

Councilman Carl Stokes, D-2nd, the other council representative on the commission, agreed, saying the panel sets policy for the agency but that the agency doesn't follow it.

Councilwoman Shelia Dixon, D-4th, defended Mitchner, saying that he has responded quickly and effectively to several crises that arose in her district.

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