Lower the boom


BUSINESSMAN Victor Kiam is frequently pictured in a commercial talking about Remington shavers. In the commercial, Kiam says of his product: "I was so impressed, I bought the company!"

With Kiam's latest on-air exposure, many men and women probably hope he buys the farm.

Kiam, owner of the New England Patriots, inserted his foot and chewed vigorously . . . when he called a woman sports writer a "bitch" after she gave him the brushoff in the Patriots' locker room following the Pats' loss to Cincinnati.

For sports writer Lisa Olson of the Boston Herald, the event was the topping to a disappointing and disgusting week. Just a few days before Kiam revealed his sexist attitude compliments of his stupid remark, Olson said tight end Zeke Mowatt exposed himself to her while she was interviewing another player in the locker room on a practice day. Olson said she also heard several other players make sexually offensive remarks.

Perhaps if those same players [involved in the incident] worked as hard against their opponents on the playing field as they did on Olson in the locker room, the Patriots would not be such a pathetic-looking team.

Kiam's remarks, however, are not so easily resolved. His remark that Olson was "a classic bitch" disparaged not only Olson but all women.

The NFL has the clout; it should use it. Lower the boom on Victor Kiam.

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