Reds' Jackson ready to go tomorrow


PITTSBURGH -- The Cincinnati Reds' Danny Jackson went about his pre-game preparations as usual yesterday realizing he might not have had to pitch.

"In my mind," he said before the Pittsburgh Pirates' 3-2 victor over his team last night, "I believe I am pitching Friday one way or the other."

Jackson, the Reds' scheduled starter in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, said: "I threw on the side as though I am pitching. And if that changes after the game, I'll change my mental approach."

Jackson went 5 1/3 innings in Game 3 to earn a 6-3 victory in the opener at Three Rivers Stadium and gave himself "a passing grade."

But he was hoping he wouldn't have to go to the mound at all tomorrow.

"Obviously, you want to end this as quickly as you can," he said, "but if we play, I expect it to be a battle like all the other games in this series have been."

* Reds managing general partner Marge Schott has had som stormy moments off the field during this series.

While the teams were in Cincinnati, Pirates catcher Mik LaValliere, writing a playoff dairy in a Pittsburgh paper, complained that Schott "is the cheapest person I've ever met in the game of baseball."

Seems the Pirates were upset about the upper-deck seats give their wives.

"When we get back to Pittsburgh, if it was my choice, I would si Marge up in the upper deck all by herself," LaValliere said, "and anybody out there who would like to make some signs 'No Dogs Allowed' could, and then maybe neither of them could get in the ballpark. . . Marge or Schottzie."

Schott had a front-row box seat behind the Reds' dugout a Three Rivers Stadium, but Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, she was denied access to the field and clubhouse because she did not have the proper credentials.

A Reds official had to scurry to find some for her before th zealous stadium guards here admitted her.

* Pirates manager Jim Leyland was criticized for carrying 1 pitchers and only six extra position players on the playoff roster.

His defense was simple.

"If the Pirates' starting lineup doesn't do it, then we're in trouble, he said. "That's the way it's been all year. People talk about having another player, but they don't say who."

The candidates were John Cangelosi, Mark Ryal, Dann Bilardello Tom Prince and Steve Carter, not exactly an all-star array.

"I can't see they'd make a bit of difference," said Leyland.

* Scalpers had no luck in Pittsburgh.

With plenty of tickets available and undercover security tight, some were selling $50 box seats for as little as $10 Tuesday in an effort to cut losses.

"This is a cheap city," one man said, grumbling. Another wa arrested in violation of Pittsburgh's anti-scalping laws after having no trouble making money in Cincinnati.

None of the three games at Three Rivers Stadium sold out.

* Leyland is considering starting Zane Smith, hammered in Game 3, on three days' rest in Game 6. If it goes seven, Bob Walk, or relievers Bill Landrum or Ted Power could get the assignment. . . . Gary Redus started at first base last night instead of Sid Bream against left-hander Tom Browning. Bream was hitting .428 with a team-high three RBI in the two games he had played.

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