Students should call Towson's coin flip


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RAISE the student activity fee at Towson State $100 to underwrite the football team? Let the students vote on that one.

* Retort to National League types who have been razing American Leaguers for years about the designated hitter: At least the AL plays on weekends.

* Some team player Bernard King is for the Bullets, starting a contract squabble a year ahead of time with the club in dire straits even before the regular season begins.

* After spending so much of his life in baseball, Red Sox manager Joe Morgan should have a better idea of what constitutes a No. 3 hitter. Wade Boggs it ain't.

* Not that baseball needs a shot in the arm, but that's what it figures to get when filmmaker Ken Burns ("The Civil War") finishes a five-hour miniseries on the Grand Old Game. What magical words from some tobacco-spewing utility infielder will be the equivalent of Sullivan Ballou's classic letter to his wife on the eve of battle?

* Old Comiskey Park has been closed for more than a week now and still no burning bushes or healing spring waters have appeared.

* A couple of running backs, playing for a high school team outside Boston, combined for 267 yards rushing and five touchdowns on just seven runs. A few days later, injuries saw a third-string tailback pressed into service and he ran for 361 yards in a 34-28 victory.

* The Baltimore Arena will be carrying the Buster Douglas-Evander Holyfield heavyweight title tiff via closed circuit TV Oct. 25 and one price fits all: $25.

* Speaking of the Sweet Science, the local chapter of the Busted Beak Society (Ring 93, National Veteran Boxers Association) honors Heinie Blaustein, Bill Fogle, Frank Gilbert, Charlie Hollaway and Al Flora Sunday at Martin's West (1 to 5 p.m.) Tickets are available by calling Ray Klingmeyer (879-0749). Guests expected include Archie Moore, Carmen Basilio, Emile Griffith, Rocky Castellani and Simon Brown.

* Hard to imagine that just five years ago, Hot Rod Williams, Spud Webb and Manute Bol were all playing for the same team in the USBL. Instead of holding contracts worth about $30 million, they were washing their own socks after practice.

* Ho, boy, the decks figure to run red during NBC's "Main Event" Saturday night. Top matchup pits the trio of Ultimate Warrior and the Road Warriors up against Iraq. No, just Ax, Smash and Crush -- otherwise known as Demolition. Hulk Hogan also goes doubles with Tugboat vs. Rhythm and Blues. Singularly, Randy Savage battles the blubber of Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter (how come he isn't in Saudi Arabia?) tests Koko B. Ware and two other guys duel.

* The Mount Pleasant Ice Arena is listed for participation in the NutraSweet Ice Skating Month program this Saturday and Sunday, meaning it will offer free admission, skate rental and instruction. The Northwest Ice Rink and nine other rinks around the state will do likewise later on.

* Maybe I'm misjudging the Manhattan market, but scheduling the West Indies and England in a cricket match on a Sunday afternoon could be likened to the placement of earrings on a pig.

* Speaking of biggie events, the world chess championship matching Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov reminds of a conference call set up between several sportswriters and then world champ Bobby Fischer years ago. A question would be followed by a long pause. "Next question," the moderator would intone. Same thing over and over. As I recall, Bobby was good for about 23 words, all told.

* There's a rumor making the rounds that Dick Stockton read the entire "Webster's New World Dictionary -- Third College Edition" during Game 1 of the American League playoffs the other night.

* The Seattle Seahawks must be super proud of their team: the team press guide finally showed up in the office when the club was 1-3.

* The U.S. Tennis Association has a splendid opportunity to popularize the sport by getting the public involved in all-star voting fashion and having folks decide on which players should make up our squad for the Davis Cup final in a couple of months. Given a stake, someone might notice what's going on.

* As if the NBA schedule isn't ridiculous enough, listen to the exhibition trek the Los Angeles Clippers take next week: Lincoln, Neb., St. Louis, Richmond and Miami, four games in five nights.

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